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Drilling skills for geologists

24 June 2021 24 March 2022 SAST

The aim of this certificate is to improve the candidate’s understanding of the fundamental processes that are involved in drilling boreholes and therefore to improve the candidate’s effectiveness in identifying the source of problems and managing a drilling project.

The program also examines fundamental aspects of the use and application of drilling fluids and the principles of borehole surveying. A course on economic aspects focusses on the major cost drivers and the structure of drilling contracts.

This training programme is designed for geologists, geological technicians, safety personnel, project managers and engineers who need a deeper understanding of the principles and processes involved in drilling boreholes.

This certificate program is made up of nine courses, and will take approximately 9 months to complete:

  • Drilling fundamentals
  • Introduction to drilling methods
  • Common drilling calculations
  • The use of drilling fluids and foams in exploration drilling
  • Fundamentals of borehole surveying
  • Economic aspects of exploration drilling
  • Fundamentals of hazard identification
  • Fundamentals of risk assessment
  • Legal aspects of exploration drilling (SA Law)

You’ll require a good level of experience and access to a production or exploration drilling operation, as well as a good understanding of physical concepts and the ability to calculate areas and volumes of regular bodies. There are quarterly intake dates for this program.

Contact: Colin Rice, Tel: +27 11 476-3262,

$907 (R12 800 per person excl VAT)

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