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Working with geospatial data in PostGIS

October 14 8:30 am October 15 4:30 pm SAST

This two-day course, offered by Kartoza, will show you how to use the spatial database PostGIS. PostGIS and PostgreSQL provide enterprise-ready geospatial relational database management systems. With PostGIS you can insert geometries into a database and perform spatial queries and analysis on that data.

Learn how to:

  • import and export data into PostGIS
  • manipulate that data using SQL queries
  • visualise the resulting datasets with QGIS

While the course is technical in nature, it does not assume prior knowledge of databases. The course also covers how PostGIS can be used to roll out an integrated FOSS-based GIS enterprise solution, as well as how it can work in a mixed environment.

PostGIS allows users, web map servers and other applications to all run off the same database. The database provides an enterprise platform from which to carry out desktop GIS, in-database analysis and data processing, web mapping and the provision of OGC compliant web services.

Contact: Petra Paton,


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