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Introduction to Earth observation short course

June 7 8:00 am July 30 5:00 pm SAST

This introductory course is aimed at beginners who need instruction in the basic principles and techniques fundamental to remote sensing. The course is fully online.

Upon completion, participants should understand the basic principles of Earth observation, the electromagnetic spectrum, digital data, image resolution, satellite systems, pre-processing techniques and classification. The participants should be able to carry out an Earth observation workflow in the remote sensing software package of ENVI.

Themes covered in the course include:

  • Principles of remote sensing and earth observation
  • The electromagnetic spectrum
  • Reflectance characteristics of various objects on the earth’s surface
  • Atmospherical interaction with electromagnetic energy
  • Digital imagery
  • Image resolution
  • Satellite systems
  • Image enhancement
  • Image acquisition, data preparation, pre-processing
  • Unsupervised and supervised image classification
  • Field methodology and accuracy assessment
  • GIS integration

Students need access to a computer loaded with ArcGIS Pro software and suitable remote sensing software (ENVI). Temporary software licences (valid for two months) can be supplied if necessary. Contact: Jessica Eichhoff, Tel +27 21 808-3112,

$425 (R6000 – R8000)

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