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The Environmental Geographical Information Systems (E-GIS) site provides access to baseline environmental geospatial data, map services, printable maps and relevant documents to users of geospatial technology, government as well as the public. The site is run by South Africa’s Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF). The site includes data downloads for has Renewable Energy Development Zones & Associated Transmission Corridors Data, South African National Land Cover (SANLC), SA Renewable Energy EIA Application Database (REEA), SA Marine Protected Area Zones, Conservation Areas Data, Protected Areas Data (SAPAD), SA Protected and Conservation Areas (PACA). E-GIS is also the entry point to the National Environmental Web Based Screening Tool: A Geographically based web-enabled application to assist with pre-screening of a proposed site for any environmental sensitivity, before submitting an application for environmental authorisation in terms of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (2014).



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