Survey: Leveraging commercial capabilities for climate action in Africa

Share your insights into how your organisation uses commercial geospatial solutions for climate action in Africa, and get a copy of the results report for your use.

Understanding how users leverage commercial geospatial and Earth observation capabilities for climate action in Africa may help increase adoption of these technologies in African countries’ existing and developing National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).

This survey by AGFUND and the World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC) collects information about the commercial geospatial sensor sectors providing data and tools for

  • Disaster resilience, with a focus on floods and cities
  • Agriculture, with a focus on smallholder farms

Respondents completing the survey will automatically receive the survey results report, giving them insights into

  • the type of organisations using commercial geospatial solutions
  • the usage and applications of commercial solutions
  • how commercial geospatial solutions fit into National Adaptation Plans
  • which commercial geospatial capabilities different user groups prefer/choose
  • commercial geospatial solution adoption challenges as identified by users
  • user-identified areas for adoption improvements and solutions
  • and more