TomTom and MapIT expand their footprint in Africa

2 Sep - 11:15 SAST
MapIT and TomTom are extending their multiyear agreement and the geographic expansion of their partnership to cover the entire African continent. TomTom has also included MapIT in its Map Editing Partnership Programme.
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Africa Earth Observation Challenge 2021 opens for submissions

16 Aug - 14:59 SAST
The challenge opens for entries today from businesses across Africa for submissions demonstrating an application of Earth observation data.
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GMES and Africa launches the continental Incubation Challenge 2021 for marine and coastal applications

9 Aug - 13:02 SAST
The challenge runs from 9 August until 5 November 2021, and invites solutions for marine and coastal environments in Africa.
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South African National Space Agency to host Digital Earth Africa’s Program Management Office

5 Aug - 05:36 SAST
The program management office will strengthen Digital Earth Africa’s network of partners from across Africa by providing on-going leadership and direction to the program.
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BIMHarambee.Africa Student Competition seeks high-speed building information modelling projects for African smart cities

13 Jul - 15:43 SAST
Interdisciplinary student teams across Africa are invited to demonstrate their BIM capabilities to improve the management and sustainability of existing buildings in Africa and making buildings smart city ready.
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Making precision farming in Africa possible with cost efficient data capture

1 Jul - 14:07 SAST
Drones help digitise agriculture and offer farmers access to reliable data. Reducing the learning helps speed up adoption of this high return-on-investment solution.
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A new map of agricultural land in Africa builds towards a soil information system

30 Jun - 09:36 SAST
Soils4Africa released a map of agricultural land of continental Africa, which forms the basis for the selection of the 20 000 sites where the project will collect soil samples.
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Digital Earth Africa incorporates analyses ready radar data for the continent

24 Jun - 21:51 SAST
The data is open access and free through the Digital Earth Africa Map and sandbox, and will aid users’ ability to map and monitor water, crops and land cover.
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AI-powered Malaria elimination solution wins IBM Watson AI XPRIZE Competition

23 Jun - 12:19 SAST
Zzapp Malaria won the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE Challenge for its solution which aids malaria elimination by optimising the timing for launching larvicide operations.
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How statistical analyses help determine where and when students are most vulnerable to education disruption

2 Jun - 17:32 SAST
To identify countries where girls are most at risk of experiencing educational interruptions and predict lowering completion rates of girls’ primary and secondary education due to climate change, the Malala Fund has partnered with...
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ESA and FAO team up to tackle food security and other SDGs using satellite imagery to bridge data gaps

20 Apr - 13:50 SAST
ESA and FAO have teamed up to address major global issues such as food security, and to take further advantage of the digital transformation in agriculture.
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EU mobilises €82.5 million to strengthen cooperation with Africa in digital and space technology

21 Dec - 16:57 SAST
The European Union has announced €82.5 million for six new projects under the Pan-African Programme to strengthen its cooperation with Africa in multiple sectors, including sustainable resource management and digitalisation.
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African Statistics Day 2020 focuses on statistics and data in building a peaceful Africa

25 Nov - 13:29 SAST
Statistics can be used to create the conditions that are conductive to Africa’s development.
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Mapping competition invites entries that focus on the impact of land use on local communities

18 Nov - 16:29 SAST
The RCMRD and Esri have announced the 2020 Map Competition on the impact of land use on local communities.
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Digital Earth Africa data moved to Amazon Web Services facility in Cape Town to optimise availability and accessibility

16 Nov - 17:19 SAST
The movement of Sentinel-2 data to the AWS facility in Cape Town allows DE Africa to store data closer to users, enabling them to access and analyse information faster.
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WildTrack receives humanitarian award for conservation project using drones and artificial intelligence analyses

30 Sep - 12:58 SAST
WildTrack paired its footprint identification technique with statistical software and high-resolution drone imagery for non-invasive conservation monitoring.
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African contestants take top prizes at global satellite data labelling contest

25 Sep - 20:52 SAST
Participants were asked to identify cloudy pixels in Sentinel-2 scenes, to help develop a large-scale accurate cloud detection training dataset.
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Esri and AfroChampions partner to promote GIS in Africa for economic development

24 Sep - 10:22 SAST
GIS software developer, Esri, announced a joint initiative with AfroChampions, a Pan-African non-profit that aims to promote policies that foster private-public collaboration for Africa’s economic transformation.
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Water scarcity in Africa: Analysis of seawater solar desalination applicability by GIS

18 Aug - 12:26 SAST
In Africa, seawater solar desalination systems offer an opportunity to address increasing water demand. However, many environmental, economic, demographic, and climatic factors should be taken into consideration in the planning of the areas where...
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Mapping fast-growing informal settlements in Africa to reveal where roads and infrastructure are most needed

18 Aug - 07:02 SAST
The Million Neighborhoods Map is a visual tool that provides a comprehensive look at informal settlements across Africa, helping to identify communities most in need of roads, power, water, sanitation and other infrastructure.
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Wingtra continues expanding its African footprint with partner in Morocco

7 Aug - 12:11 SAST
The Swiss-based company entered the market in 2017, and has been expanding its footprint across Africa through various partnerships, the latest with Morocco-based Leica Geosystems SARL.
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Fugro starts shallow water phase for 2Africa fibre-optic subsea cable project

30 Jul - 19:17 SAST
Fugro has begun their shallow water campaign for the “2Africa” subsea fibre-optic cable project which, once installed, will connect 23 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe and deliver more than the total...
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Spatially-disaggregated crop production statistics data released for Sub-Saharan Africa for 2017

27 Jul - 14:55 SAST
The International Food Policy Research Institute has published a new version of Spatially-Disaggregated Crop Production Statistics Data for Sub-Saharan Africa for 2017. This new regional update, available to download from the IFPRI Dataverse, marks...
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WeRobotics spins off Flying Labs as an independent organisation

27 Jul - 09:19 SAST
Based on responses from regional calls and the recent Virtual Flying Labs Retreat, it has been decided to co-create as an independent legal entity, deeply rooted in the Global South, led entirely by...
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The status of Earth observation & Geo-Information Sciences in Africa – trends and challenges

17 Jul - 15:38 SAST
The African continent is bound to become more dependent on the space industry for job creation, poverty alleviation and sustainable resource management. These were some of the findings in a paper recently published by...
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BIM Institute takes new direction under new leadership as the BIM Academy launches its online syllabus

15 Jul - 12:37 SAST
The BIM Institute has appointed Gregory Mofokeng, the secretary-general of the Black Business Council in the Built Environment (BBCBE), as its new director from July 2020. The institute has also spun of its education...
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Seven projects from Africa selected for GEO and Google Earth Engine open data funding programme

13 Jul - 20:33 SAST
GEO and Google Earth Engine selected 32 projects from 22 countries to receive funding for its open Earth data challenge.
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Digital Earth Africa releases analysis-ready satellite data for all of Africa to support COVID-19 response

15 Jun - 20:26 SAST
Digital Eart Africa has made a large amount of ESA’s Sentinel-2 satellite data available in a format that makes it accessible and suitable for general use. This imagery is particularly useful because of its...
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African Land Policy Centre calls for digitised land registries

28 May - 19:17 SAST
Speaking during a webinar organised by the Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies to discuss African land rights in the time of the coronavirus, Kagwanja said COVID-19 has exposed the vulnerability of millions...
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Earth Observations and Geospatial Science in Service of Sustainable Development Goals

1 May - 07:47 SAST
“Earth Observations and Geospatial Science in Service of Sustainable Development Goals: 12th International Conference of the African Association of Remote Sensing and the Environment”, published by Springer, provides insight into...
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COVID-19 data for a resilient Africa

20 Apr - 07:59 SAST
The ECA-GPSDD partnership will receive capacity support from Data for Now, a coalition of partners that includes the UN’s Statistics Division, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and the World Bank along with GPSDD.
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Three organisations receive funding to advance land rights and tenure security

17 Mar - 12:55 SAST
The first round of Cadasta Foundation’s Data Accelerator Grant has been released to three organisations to advance land rights and tenure security for vulnerable populations around the world. The recipients are Collaborative Media Advocacy...
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Farming by Satellite 2020 competition opens for applications

13 Mar - 22:08 SAST
The 2020 edition of the Farming by Satellite Prize includes a Special Africa Prize, which aims to encourage young Africans to develop satellite-based solutions that cater to the specific needs and resources of communities...
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Africa joins ActInSpace space-tech hackathon taking place in November 2020

11 Mar - 22:15 SAST
CNES and the African Aeronautics and Space Organisation (AASO) have signed an agreement to develop the ActInSpace international hackathon in Africa. The fourth edition of the hackathon will be held on 12 and 14...
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Web tool will help Egypt facilitate SDGs, Agenda 2063 Implementation

11 Feb - 17:34 SAST
The tool aligns development plans with both the 2030 and 2063 agendas by enabling common reporting on progress in achieving the goals, targets and indicators of these plans and agendas. It also allows performance...
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