Mapping for a Sustainable World

23 Jul - 11:19 SAST
This book offers guidelines for mapping geographic datasets related to the SDGs by introducing basic principles of map design and use, discussing established best practices and conventions, and explaining how different mapping techniques support...
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Communicating With Data: The Art of Writing for Data Science

19 Jul - 14:42 SAST
“Communicating with Data” aims to help students and researchers write about their insights in a way that is both compelling and faithful to the data.
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Data Model Storytelling

2 Jul - 22:02 SAST
Larry Burns considers how data models can be used with storytelling to bring people together to solve business problems, re-engineer business processes, forge agreements on data meanings, create new business opportunities, and promote data...
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Resilient Communities Across Geographies

16 Feb - 22:02 SAST
This book examines the theory and application of different communities’ abilities to respond to and recover from unexpected, disruptive situations.
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The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 2: Spatial Measurements and Statistics

28 Jan - 22:02 SAST
Building on Volume 1, the latest book demonstrates how spatial statistical tools can be applied in a range of disciplines.
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Time in Maps: From the Age of Discovery to Our Digital Era

20 Jan - 22:02 SAST
“Time in Maps: From the Age of Discovery to Our Digital Era” includes essays from nine prominent cartography scholars who explore over 500 years of world history through maps.
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GIS for science: Applying mapping and spatial analytics (Vol. 2)

7 Dec - 22:27 SAST
The book accompanies with the website, which provides collections of ArcGIS StoryMaps, apps, digital maps, and more. Links to learning pathways and blogs relate the practical use of GIS in each of the...
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The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis

28 May - 12:09 SAST
The guide helps new and experienced geographic information systems (GIS) users develop skills to handle a range of analysis applications and prepares them for developing more advanced GIS skills.
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Earth Observations and Geospatial Science in Service of Sustainable Development Goals

1 May - 07:47 SAST
“Earth Observations and Geospatial Science in Service of Sustainable Development Goals: 12th International Conference of the African Association of Remote Sensing and the Environment”, published by Springer, provides insight into...
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The International Geodesign Collaboration

15 Apr - 08:23 SAST
Esri Press has published “The International Geodesign Collaboration: Changing Geography by Design”. This book shows how researchers, scientists, designers, and students from around the world can use common geodesign principles to work together.
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