Carlson Software

Carlson launches its redesigned BRx7 multi-frequency GNSS receiver

27 Jul - 11:10 SAST
Carlson Software new multi-frequency, multi-GNSS BRx7 smart antenna is suitable to a variety of operating modes, and can be deployed as a base with additional access to BeiDou phase 3 satellites in a base-rover...
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Carlson Software releases FiX1 fixed installation scanner to automate stockpile measurement

4 May - 16:01 SAST
Carlson Software has released the FiX1fixed installation scanner for volumetric scanning and stockpile measurement. Designed as a permanent installation, the scanner is used to automate the delivery of volumetric data without the need for...
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Carlson introduces its RT4 rugged tablet data collector

9 Mar - 17:17 SAST
Carlson Software has released the RT4 tablet-style data collector, a rugged handheld and offers performance increases from its predecessor, the RT3, and backed by the company’s technical support.
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Carlson Software introduces laser scanner for surveying and mining

14 Jan - 16:55 SAST
Carlson Software has released its Scan2K Laser Scanner, a solution for creating accurate 3D survey data up to a range of 2 000 metres (“2K”).
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