data modelling

Data Model Storytelling

2 Jul - 22:02 SAST
Larry Burns considers how data models can be used with storytelling to bring people together to solve business problems, re-engineer business processes, forge agreements on data meanings, create new business opportunities, and promote data...
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ArcGIS Earth update overhauls sharing and interoperability

2 Apr - 12:53 SAST
The latest major release of ArcGIS Earth on desktop gives users more sharing capabilities across mobile, desktop and the organisation portal.
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Golden Software improves Surfer file handling for faster mapping

9 Sep - 12:05 SAST
Golden Software, a developer of 2D and 3D scientific modelling packages, has improved mapping in the latest version of its Surfer gridding, contouring, and 3D surface mapping product.
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Data principles to remember in the COVID-19 response

21 Apr - 17:16 SAST
During the COVID-19 pandemic our lives are dictated by data modelling, data visualisation, and a data-led decision-making process that needs to follow a few basic principles to get the most from data.
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Oracle Graph Server and Client 20.1 is now available

4 Feb - 18:00 SAST
Information from Oracle Oracle Graph Server and Client 20.1, which includes property graph features for Oracle Database, is now available for download. The software package works with Oracle Database, and...
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