Project control strategies for high accuracy drone mapping

8 Sep - 11:18 SAST
Project control is a topic near and dear to anyone doing high accuracy mapping – project control. Here are some useful guidelines to follow.
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Considerations when choosing a drone provider for AEC projects

8 Sep - 11:18 SAST
Drones have become popular among contractors and building managers for construction inspection, land surveying, aerial asset inspection and similar applications. When choosing a drone provider, there are important considerations to bear in mind.
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Quality drone data workflows that are efficient and affordable

23 Aug - 16:30 SAST
senseFly’s eBee Geo is a new lightweight, fixed-wing drone for mapping and surveying larger areas faster than quadcopters and more efficiently than terrestrial surveying equipment.
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Making precision farming in Africa possible with cost efficient data capture

1 Jul - 14:07 SAST
Drones help digitise agriculture and offer farmers access to reliable data. Reducing the learning helps speed up adoption of this high return-on-investment solution.
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Virtual Surveyor enhances stockpile reporting in drone surveying software

1 Jun - 11:47 SAST
Version 8.2 can calculate stockpile volumes in drone imagery and generate a PDF report detailing material tonnage and value.
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GeoCue True View 635/640 drone payload integrates Riegl’s miniVUX-3UAV lidar

22 Apr - 13:30 SAST
GeoCue Group has upgraded its Riegl-based True View 3D Imaging Systems (3DIS) with the launch of the new True View 635/640 3DIS.
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Phase One announces P3 drone payload for asset inspection

22 Mar - 13:00 SAST
The drone includes a Phase One iXM 100 MP or 50 MP camera, one of the RSM lens options, and a new gimbal with integrated rangefinder.
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senseFly launches eBee Ag fixed-wing drone for agriculture mapping

15 Feb - 23:40 SAST
The eBee Ag can help agriculture professionals overcome the challenges they face in the field related to planning, plant health and crop monitoring.
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senseFly launches eBee Geo mapping drone, e-Learning platform and operator certification program

1 Feb - 06:52 SAST
SenseFly expanded its eBee X drone solution with the launch of the eBee Geo, aimed at surveyors and GIS professionals.
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Zimbabwe Flying Labs launches as local technology and innovation hub

21 Oct - 15:48 SAST
A team of local experts in Zimbabwe formed and launched Zimbabwe Flying Labs, a technology and innovation hub working to solve social challenges and meet local needs through drones and robotics.
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YellowScan integrates Livox Horizon lidar into its Mapper UAV solution

13 Oct - 12:45 SAST
YellowScan has updated its Mapper lidar scanner by integrating DJI’s Livox Horizon laser scanner into a solution.
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Riegl’s latest aerial lidar solutions feature intersecting scan planes

9 Oct - 15:58 SAST
Riegl has unveiled four new lidar systems at this year’s InterGEO conference – two for unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs (the Riegl VUX-120 and miniVUX-3UAV) and two larger aerial systems for manned aircraft (the...
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WildTrack receives humanitarian award for conservation project using drones and artificial intelligence analyses

30 Sep - 12:58 SAST
WildTrack paired its footprint identification technique with statistical software and high-resolution drone imagery for non-invasive conservation monitoring.
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Virtual Surveyor expands functionality in free version of drone surveying software

8 Sep - 12:45 SAST
Originally offered as a free viewing tool for imagery and elevation models captured by drones, the entry-level “Valley” plan now enables surveyors to create topographic line surveys for small-area projects, and create engineering CAD...
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Kongsberg Geospatial and Vricon integrate high-res 3D data into ground control station for drone safety in urban environments

3 Sep - 13:47 SAST
Information from Kongsberg Geospatial Kongsberg Geospatial and Vricon have integrated their technologies to improve drone mission safety in urban environments. Vricon’s global high-res 3D terrain data integration into Kongsberg Geospatial’s...
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Wingtra continues expanding its African footprint with partner in Morocco

7 Aug - 12:11 SAST
The Swiss-based company entered the market in 2017, and has been expanding its footprint across Africa through various partnerships, the latest with Morocco-based Leica Geosystems SARL.
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Pix4Dfields 1.8 offers advanced layer visualisation

6 Aug - 01:39 SAST
The latest Pix4Dfields update offers multiple functions to help users focus on the data that is important, including histogram equalisation and dynamic range to get more control over the data values of interest.
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senseFly eMotion 3.13 automates drone flight log management and expands night flight support

24 Jun - 11:47 SAST
senseFly has released the latest version of its flight planning and monitoring software, eMotion 3.13.0. This version includes additional support for night flights, better drone flight log memory management and other user interface changes.
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WeRobotics offers revamped online course on drones in humanitarian action

26 May - 01:57 SAST
WeRobotics has announced a revamped and updated version of its peer-reviewed online training on the use of drones in humanitarian action.
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New drone surveying features available from Microdrones

22 May - 14:25 SAST
Microdrones is adding new features to its survey drone systems. These include mdInfinity, a cloud-based ecosystem that will enable users to remotely process geospatial data, including trajectory processing, georeferencing, boresight calibration, strip adjustment, precision...
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Geomatica remote sensing and photogrammetry software now available as subscription service in the cloud

19 May - 14:18 SAST
PCI Geomatics, a developer of remote sensing and photogrammetric software and systems, announced the availability of Geomatica Cloud on the Cloudeo marketplace.
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Parrot and DroneSense partner to equip public safety UAS programs

12 May - 20:14 SAST
Drone group Parrot has partnered with software company DroneSense to enable public safety UAS teams to use the full suite of DroneSense capabilities for the needs of first responders with their Anafi aircraft.
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DJI introduces Matrice 300 RTK drone with hybrid camera and multi-pilot control

7 May - 17:38 SAST
DJI's Matrice 300 RTK (M300 RTK) industrial drone with the Zenmuse H20 Series hybrid, multi-sensor camera features AI capabilities, six directional sensing and positioning system, a UAV health management system, 55 minutes flight time...
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Beta iOS app connects UgCS desktop software to DJI drones

25 Mar - 17:28 SAST
SPH Engineering, the developer of UgCS, has released the iOS version of the UgCS for DJI middleware, required to connect DJI drones with UgCS desktop. DJI is a closed system that does not allow...
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Parrot and DroneLogbook partner to simplify drone data logging

25 Mar - 16:01 SAST
Parrot announced the addition of enhanced flight data tracking to its Anafi drone through a partnership with DroneLogbook, which will allow pilots to keep track of their equipment’s performance, schedule necessary maintenance, as well...
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Aerobotics analysis helps relieve vineyard water stress

11 Mar - 17:15 SAST
By Janna Rubin, Aerobotics An agricultural service provider used Aerobotics projects to help one of its table grape clients to spot two blocks of low moisture content, to help better...
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Parrot and Survae pair enterprise drone imagery with interactive mapping

5 Mar - 18:41 SAST
Drone company Parrot has partnered with software firm Survae to combine its Anafi and Anafi Thermal drones with Survae’s video and image processing software.
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Measure Ground Control drone software is now powered by Pix4D

23 Feb - 18:36 SAST
Measure’s latest iteration of its drone software platform, Measure Ground Control, adds data processing and mapping tools powered by Pix4D to its existing suite of management capabilities and flight application.
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Partnership develops AI apps for Anafi drones

13 Feb - 17:25 SAST
European drone group, Parrot, has partnered with web and app development consultants, RIIS, to develop custom applications of artificial intelligence for Parrot’s Anafi drone platform.
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Automatically detect and count animals on aerial imagery

11 Feb - 17:28 SAST
Information from Picterra Measuring animal populations is often the first step in conservation efforts for taking well-prepared, effective action. The problem researchers face is how to detect and count animals...
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Drone2Map for ArcGIS 2.1 improves elevation models

11 Feb - 11:15 SAST
The latest release of Esri’s drone mapping software, Drone2Map for ArcGIS 2.1, is now available and includes new tools, workflows, and capabilities. Highlights of the update include elevation model improvements, camera model updates, new...
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senseFly’s eMotion adds multispectral PPK for precision agriculture

27 Jan - 17:06 SAST
The latest update of senseFly’s eMotion flight planning software adds multispectral PPK functionality and an updated user interface.
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Drone Professional 1

1 Jan - 18:09 SAST
Drone Professional 1 brings together 16 global drone experts to provide readers with the latest thinking on drone technology, best practice and business success.
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Satellite navigation for drones explored in white paper

19 Dec - 15:35 SAST
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has published a white paper on the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems (EGNSS) for Drones Operations, which considers GNSS as essential for the safe and reliable navigation of drones.
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