MApp Challenge 2021 looks to university students to solve sustainable development goals challenges with GIS

26 Oct - 10:38 SAST
The challenge requires participants to use Esri’s GIS software to create data stories about any of the 17 sustainable development goals.
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Esri offers free online course on imagery capabilities

9 Aug - 12:00 SAST
Esri is offering a free six-week online course to explore imagery and remotely sensed data using its ArcGIS software.
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Esri open sources 2020 global land cover map, in addition to predictive land cover map release

14 Jul - 12:08 SAST
Esri’s 2020 Global Land Cover Map and Predictive 2050 Global Land Cover Map forms part of the Living Atlas, and is available under a Creative Commons license. Both products are available in ArcGIS Online...
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Esri’s SAP and SAS integrations unite disparate data sources and add new data science workflows

20 Apr - 23:13 SAST
GIS software developer Esri has announced two integrations: The ArcGIS Enterprise running on SAP HANA Cloud breaks down data silos, and the SAS-ArcGIS Bridge integration brings statistical and machine learning analysis tools to GIS.
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ArcGIS Earth update overhauls sharing and interoperability

2 Apr - 12:53 SAST
The latest major release of ArcGIS Earth on desktop gives users more sharing capabilities across mobile, desktop and the organisation portal.
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Digital Twin Consortium welcomes Esri as partner, announces liaison with Global Mining Guidelines Group

1 Apr - 11:56 SAST
The Digital Twin Consortium has welcomed Esri as a partner, and entered into a liaison agreement with Global Mining Guidelines Group.
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Esri’s new developer platform, improved business reporting, latest network utility API and more

26 Feb - 13:03 SAST
Among recent Esri updates are the new ArcGIS platform, updated APIs, changes to ArcGIS for Power BI, and updates to StoryMaps.
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Resilient Communities Across Geographies

16 Feb - 22:02 SAST
This book examines the theory and application of different communities’ abilities to respond to and recover from unexpected, disruptive situations.
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Trimble and Esri collaborate to bring location-based products and services to the global forestry market

2 Feb - 17:26 SAST
In a new collaborating Esri is integrating its Geospatial Cloud platform into Trimble's Connected Forest solutions to provide visibility and traceability for the forest industry.
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The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 2: Spatial Measurements and Statistics

28 Jan - 22:02 SAST
Building on Volume 1, the latest book demonstrates how spatial statistical tools can be applied in a range of disciplines.
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GIS for science: Applying mapping and spatial analytics (Vol. 2)

7 Dec - 22:27 SAST
The book accompanies with the website, which provides collections of ArcGIS StoryMaps, apps, digital maps, and more. Links to learning pathways and blogs relate the practical use of GIS in each of the...
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Mapping competition invites entries that focus on the impact of land use on local communities

18 Nov - 16:29 SAST
The RCMRD and Esri have announced the 2020 Map Competition on the impact of land use on local communities.
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Esri, UN and GEO Blue Planet release global water health tool to help coastal nations improve ocean quality

4 Nov - 14:07 SAST
The tool uses real-time analysis enabling countries to monitor coastal water quality and use that information to guide policy and reduce pollution from land sources.
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Free GIS course empowers unemployed youth in South Africa

1 Nov - 19:16 SAST
Esri South Africa is offering free access to Esri geospatial technology for one year through a special offering for unemployed youth (18 – 35 years old).
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Esri introduces ready-to-use geospatial deep learning models through ArcGIS Online

13 Oct - 21:18 SAST
Esri has announced the release of ready-to-use geospatial artificial intelligence (AI) models on the ArcGIS Living Atlas. The company has added three models.
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Esri and AfroChampions partner to promote GIS in Africa, drive economic transformation

24 Sep - 12:17 SAST
Information from Esri Geospatial software developer Esri announced a joint initiative with AfroChampions, a Pan-African non-profit that aims to promote policies that foster private-public collaboration for Africa’s economic transformation.  This...
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Esri and AfroChampions partner to promote GIS in Africa for economic development

24 Sep - 10:22 SAST
GIS software developer, Esri, announced a joint initiative with AfroChampions, a Pan-African non-profit that aims to promote policies that foster private-public collaboration for Africa’s economic transformation.
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Esri offers students free access to GIS software and lessons for one year starting September 2020

6 Aug - 11:19 SAST
From 1 September 2020, the Learn ArcGIS Student Program will provide free access for one year to software, lessons, and a community of learners to qualified students globally.
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Planet and Esri expand satellite partnership

13 Jul - 15:06 SAST
Planet is expanding its partnership with GIS software developer, Esri, allowing users to buy Planet imagery directly within the GIS software.
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Critical security patch for ArcGIS Enterprise portal

3 Jun - 13:02 SAST
A critical Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability has been discovered in ArcGIS Enterprise portal, affecting all versions prior to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8. Esri has released the Portal for ArcGIS Security 2020 Update 1, which...
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The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis

28 May - 12:09 SAST
The guide helps new and experienced geographic information systems (GIS) users develop skills to handle a range of analysis applications and prepares them for developing more advanced GIS skills.
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Solv3D becomes an Esri specialty and marketplace provider

28 May - 12:01 SAST
Solv3D, a provider of 3D processing, geospatial data visualisation and collaboration solutions, has been recognised by Esri as a release ready specialty partner and has also been approved as an ArcGIS Marketplace provider.
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Esri joins Microsoft-GEO BON biodiversity grant initiative

28 May - 11:53 SAST
Esri is supporting the Microsoft-GEO BON (Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network) grant initiative known as Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) on the Cloud.
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Esri joins BSI and announces support of AEC workflows

11 May - 15:55 SAST
Esri has joined BuildingSmart International (BSI) as a multinational member, and will contribute to delivering successful BSI projects which benefit the global community of AEC and GIS practitioners. By partnering with BSI and with...
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Microsoft is building a planetary computer

15 Apr - 15:36 SAST
Microsoft is entering the next phase of its AI for Earth program, dedicated to building a Planetary Computer platform. This will provide the AI for Earth community (which includes nearly 500 organisations in 81...
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The International Geodesign Collaboration

15 Apr - 08:23 SAST
Esri Press has published “The International Geodesign Collaboration: Changing Geography by Design”. This book shows how researchers, scientists, designers, and students from around the world can use common geodesign principles to work together.
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UN to offer free access to smart mapping software during Coronavirus pandemic

7 Apr - 15:52 SAST
Esri has partnered with the United Nations to offer its mapping and analytics technology for member states to help access and visualise the data needed as they combat the novel coronavirus pandemic.
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Drone2Map for ArcGIS 2.1 improves elevation models

11 Feb - 11:15 SAST
The latest release of Esri’s drone mapping software, Drone2Map for ArcGIS 2.1, is now available and includes new tools, workflows, and capabilities. Highlights of the update include elevation model improvements, camera model updates, new...
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