High-profile geospatial organisations sign on to global geospatial ethics charter

28 Jul - 11:02 SAST
Nine geospatial organisations have lent their support to the Locus Charter, which outlines an ethical framework and best practices for the use of location data to protect individual and public interest.
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Geospatial data ethics catches up with other industries, stands to learn from them

12 Apr - 12:23 SAST
Data ethics concern everyone in an organisation, and places an obligation on everyone. Codifying data ethics will bring consistency and psychological comfort to you and everyone in your organisation working with data.
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The Locus Charter sets out data ethics for geospatial technologies and location data users

24 Mar - 12:16 SAST
The charter is the result of international collaboration between governments, organisations and individual practitioners, and espouses the values of inclusive, open, and fair location data utilisation.
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