Zimbabwe Flying Labs launches as local technology and innovation hub

21 Oct - 15:48 SAST
A team of local experts in Zimbabwe formed and launched Zimbabwe Flying Labs, a technology and innovation hub working to solve social challenges and meet local needs through drones and robotics.
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WeRobotics spins off Flying Labs as an independent organisation

27 Jul - 09:19 SAST
Based on responses from regional calls and the recent Virtual Flying Labs Retreat, it has been decided to co-create as an independent legal entity, deeply rooted in the Global South, led entirely by...
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Madagascar joins the Flying Labs network

23 Jul - 18:34 SAST
Malagasy company AerialMetric is leading Madagascar Flying Labs, which joins the larger network of local knowledge hubs in Africa, Asia and Latin America to build on existing expertise in drones, data and AI.
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