Landsat 9 enters orbit, improves and expands the Landsat open data mission

1 Oct - 23:15 SAST
The satellite will operate in Landsat 7’s orbit, replacing it, and will work in tandem with Landsat 8 to collect global imagery every 8 days.
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Grant applications opens for GEO-Microsoft Planetary Computer Programme

28 Sep - 21:14 SAST
This GEO-Microsoft Planetary Computer Programme will support 12-month projects that use the Planetary Computer to apply Earth observations to address environmental challenges, as a Flagship, Initiative or Community Activity of the GEO Work Programme.
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OGC adopts environmental data retrieval specification as an open standard

22 Sep - 19:38 SAST
The standard eases users access to subsets of spatial big data through a uniform, well-defined, web interface that hides the complexities of data storage.
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Climate TRACE releases first database of global greenhouse gas emissions

17 Sep - 13:11 SAST
The inventory, which spans the years 2015–2020, reveals insights about recent emissions trends across ten sectors and 38 subsectors of the global economy.
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Woolpert acquires AAM to increase global mapping and geospatial data capabilities

15 Sep - 11:56 SAST
The acquisition almost doubles Woolpert’s presence in Africa. The companies will combine their mapping and cloud-based geospatial data capabilities, as well as their technologies and best practices to serve clients globally.
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New open online course explores artificial intelligence for Earth observation

9 Sep - 12:09 SAST
The free course starts on 18 October 2021, will run for 1 year, and can be completed in 6 weeks.
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Project control strategies for high accuracy drone mapping

8 Sep - 11:18 SAST
Project control is a topic near and dear to anyone doing high accuracy mapping – project control. Here are some useful guidelines to follow.
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Considerations when choosing a drone provider for AEC projects

8 Sep - 11:18 SAST
Drones have become popular among contractors and building managers for construction inspection, land surveying, aerial asset inspection and similar applications. When choosing a drone provider, there are important considerations to bear in mind.
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Using open-access geospatial data to automate tailings dam management

1 Sep - 17:52 SAST
New monitoring models, such as the one discussed here, aid mining tailings-facility management and monitoring as well as ESG compliance.
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Combining Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-5P imagery for high-resolution methane emissions mapping and source attribution

1 Sep - 10:34 SAST
Until recently, no straightforward solution has existed to detect individual methane emissions and track them back to their original sources. Now, scientists from Kayrros have developed a tool that can accurately detect individual methane...
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Quality drone data workflows that are efficient and affordable

23 Aug - 16:30 SAST
senseFly’s eBee Geo is a new lightweight, fixed-wing drone for mapping and surveying larger areas faster than quadcopters and more efficiently than terrestrial surveying equipment.
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Global guidance on land measurement for planning and development comes into effect

18 Aug - 16:05 SAST
“Measurement of Land for Planning and Development Purposes,” is aimed at planners, surveyors, developers, architects, government and legal administrators, to bring global consistency in the use of the terminology applied to different areas of...
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Airbus’ second Pléiades Neo high-res earth observation satellite now in orbit

17 Aug - 11:08 SAST
Comprising four identical satellites, the Airbus manufactured, owned and operated Pléiades Neo constellation offers a native resolution of 30 cm with an imaging swath of 14 km.
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MapTiler Desktop 11.2 features estimated rendering time and new output format

16 Aug - 11:08 SAST
MapTiler Desktop 11.2 features estimation of rendering time, new default output format, KML for Google Earth, upload to the cloud service of your choice, and other improvements.
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Azavea publishes public cloud dataset for satellite imagery machine learning applications

2 Aug - 11:08 SAST
Detection and removal of clouds in satellite imagery is a natural application of machine learning, but freely available training datasets have been in short supply. To address this, Azavea has produced a public dataset...
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Proceedings of the Academic Track at State of the Map 2021

31 Jul - 18:31 SAST
The “Proceedings of the Academic Track at State of the Map 2021” contains 9 papers which highlight three major themes in OpenStreetMap research.
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High-profile geospatial organisations sign on to global geospatial ethics charter

28 Jul - 11:02 SAST
Nine geospatial organisations have lent their support to the Locus Charter, which outlines an ethical framework and best practices for the use of location data to protect individual and public interest.
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Public-Private Geospatial Collaborations: Exploring Potential Partnership Models

26 Jul - 12:00 SAST
The WGIC’s report assesses public-private-partnership (PPP) models for the geospatial industry.
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Mapping for a Sustainable World

23 Jul - 11:19 SAST
This book offers guidelines for mapping geographic datasets related to the SDGs by introducing basic principles of map design and use, discussing established best practices and conventions, and explaining how different mapping techniques support...
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Trimble enhances its RTX correction service performance, reducing GNSS signal convergence times

22 Jul - 11:08 SAST
Trimble announced enhancements to its RTX correction services, including convergence time reductions, more reliable and robust signals, and an easier workflow for surveyors.
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Report: State and Trends of Spatial Finance 2021

15 Jul - 17:28 SAST
The report examines the underlying technology advancements and market developments that make spatial finance an increasingly important proposition for financial institutions.
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Radiant Earth partners with Microsoft to accelerate earth observation solutions for local and global sustainability applications

13 Jul - 14:59 SAST
(AI) data, tools, and educational resources to address sustainability challenges.
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Two new compliance certifications available for OGC’s SensorML 2.0 and CDB Standard

8 Jul - 11:18 SAST
Products that implement these standards and pass the tests in the Executable Test Suite can now be certified as OGC Compliant.
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Draft standard for reporting built-environment carbon emissions opens for consultation

5 Jul - 14:51 SAST
ICMS 3 provides a reporting framework for capital costs, life cycle costs and carbon emissions to optimises environmental sustainability of the built environment.
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LandsatLook 2.0 lets Landsat users take advantage of cloud-based systems

1 Jul - 11:29 SAST
USGS’s LandsatLook 2.0 Viewer makes it easier and faster to access earth imagery and simpler to analyse data in cloud-based systems.
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Giga and Mapbox join forces with mapping gaming to locate schools across the globe

29 Jun - 22:55 SAST
To accelerate the mapping of schools globally, Giga and Mapbox created The Mapping Game, a crowdsourced app to identify schools using satellite imagery.
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Global mineral data portal unveiled by international partnership

28 Jun - 13:32 SAST
Access more than 10 000 mineral samples from Australia, Canada and the United States, all categorised along a deposit classification scheme and available through a new web portal.
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Teledyne Optech launches geospatial bathymetric lidar solution CZMIL SuperNova

15 Jun - 18:09 SAST
Information from Teledyne Technologies Teledyne Optech has launched its third generation CZMIL (coastal zone mapping and imaging lidar), the CZMIL SuperNova, powered by Teledyne CARIS processing software for creation of...
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Virtual Surveyor enhances stockpile reporting in drone surveying software

1 Jun - 11:47 SAST
Version 8.2 can calculate stockpile volumes in drone imagery and generate a PDF report detailing material tonnage and value.
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Catalyst and Amazon Web Services collaboration delivers displacement monitoring insights

1 Jun - 11:24 SAST
The Catalyst AWS collaboration will deliver geoscience analytics to users with any level of technical expertise.
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Airbus’s Pléiades Neo constellation delivers first images

24 May - 14:01 SAST
Pléiades Neo will provide commercial and institutional customers with high-level insights for the next decade.
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Teledyne Technologies acquires Flir Systems

14 May - 14:20 SAST
Flir will now be included in Teledyne's Digital Imaging segment and operate under the name Teledyne FLIR.
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Golden Software enhances 3D functionality in Surfer surface mapping package

11 May - 14:16 SAST
These capabilities are focused on making it easier for users to visualise, display, and analyse complex 3D data.
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SAS Viya introduces data management and governance solutions for AI and analytics

3 May - 12:38 SAST
Information from SAS The latest release of SAS Viya includes the new data management offerings – SAS Studio Analyst and SAS Information Governance – and is designed to be delivered...
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NavVis releases Ivion as a new scan-to-BIM platform for digital factories

22 Apr - 22:57 SAST
The NavVis Ivion spatial data platform comprises Core (scan-to-BIM), Enterprise (digital factory) and Ivion Go for Enterprise (mobile app).
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GeoCue True View 635/640 drone payload integrates Riegl’s miniVUX-3UAV lidar

22 Apr - 13:30 SAST
GeoCue Group has upgraded its Riegl-based True View 3D Imaging Systems (3DIS) with the launch of the new True View 635/640 3DIS.
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OGC and CRN partner to establish a unique geospatial real property identifier

22 Apr - 13:30 SAST
The OGC and CRN will work together to develop a unique geospatial real property identifier for housing finance and beyond.
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Oracle Spatial Studio 21.1 release feature new upload options, search and time slider

21 Apr - 13:30 SAST
This release includes CSV and KML uploads, Place Search, and improved Time Slider performance in map visualisations.
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Maptek DomainMCF platform applies machine learning in geological modelling

15 Apr - 13:33 SAST
Maptek new DomainMCF platform for geologists combines machine learning with cloud computing to generate geological models. It lets geologists feed in drilling data to obtain domain or grade models.
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Carbon Mapper announces satellite program to pinpoint methane and carbon dioxide super emitters

15 Apr - 12:25 SAST
Carbon Mapper and its partners announced plans to deploy a hyperspectral satellite constellation with the ability to track point-source emissions.
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GMG produces database of mining interoperability initiatives

13 Apr - 22:16 SAST
This live database of mining interoperability initiatives aims to increase the industry’s visibility of what organisations are doing on interoperability in order to enable collaboration.
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Access high-performance computing in the field with Trimble’s T100 rugged tablet

13 Apr - 20:09 SAST
The rugged tablet supports a full suite of applications for optical, GNSS, and laser scanning solutions, including the Trimble SX12 and X7.
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Geospatial data ethics catches up with other industries, stands to learn from them

12 Apr - 12:23 SAST
Data ethics concern everyone in an organisation, and places an obligation on everyone. Codifying data ethics will bring consistency and psychological comfort to you and everyone in your organisation working with data.
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ArcGIS Earth update overhauls sharing and interoperability

2 Apr - 12:53 SAST
The latest major release of ArcGIS Earth on desktop gives users more sharing capabilities across mobile, desktop and the organisation portal.
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Autodesk acquires water infrastructure software developer Innovyze for $1 billion

31 Mar - 15:16 SAST
Autodesk has signed an agreement to acquire Innovyze, a developer of water infrastructure software, for $1 billion net of cash.
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Pointly’s new AI training service tailors point cloud classifications to client datasets

30 Mar - 13:22 SAST
Information from Pointly Pointly’s new AI training service offers clients automated and customer-specific classifications of point clouds as well as tailor-made neural networks that are trained and tested for a...
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The Locus Charter sets out data ethics for geospatial technologies and location data users

24 Mar - 12:16 SAST
The charter is the result of international collaboration between governments, organisations and individual practitioners, and espouses the values of inclusive, open, and fair location data utilisation.
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Phase One announces P3 drone payload for asset inspection

22 Mar - 13:00 SAST
The drone includes a Phase One iXM 100 MP or 50 MP camera, one of the RSM lens options, and a new gimbal with integrated rangefinder.
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UP42 adds Catalyst Analytics to its geospatial marketplace

18 Mar - 14:36 SAST
The offering includes the Catalyst InSAR processing block, which measures millimetre-scale ground deformation from time series SAR datasets.
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Extensis makes its GeoViewer Pro geospatial data viewer available at no charge

17 Mar - 13:40 SAST
The GIS image viewer enables anyone to view and interact with geospatial datasets without a full GIS software package.
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Two new Airbus partnerships see high-res satellite imagery underpin large-scale AI solutions

11 Mar - 09:20 SAST
Airbus has signed two partnerships that will see its high-resolution satellite imagery used in large-scale AI-based solutions.
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MapTiler Desktop 11 gets a visual overhaul and new rendering capabilities

10 Mar - 18:43 SAST
MapTiler Desktop has been updated to keep it a user-friendly geodata processing tool for converting maps-data into web and mobile-ready form.
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Esri’s new developer platform, improved business reporting, latest network utility API and more

26 Feb - 13:03 SAST
Among recent Esri updates are the new ArcGIS platform, updated APIs, changes to ArcGIS for Power BI, and updates to StoryMaps.
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OGC updates container format GeoPackage and approves indoor mapping format

25 Feb - 19:35 SAST
The OGC has made minor updates to GeoPackage version 1.2.1, and adopted Apple's Indoor Mapping Data Format as an OGC standard.
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Planet adds 48 satellites to its medium resolution constellation and updates its GIS plugins

24 Feb - 20:54 SAST
With this launch of 8-band SuperDoves, the company will continue to provide medium resolution multispectral imagery (3 to 5 m) at a global scale to customers worldwide.
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Catalyst’s new cloud solution processes Earth observation imagery where it is stored

22 Feb - 12:08 SAST
Microservices is a library of geospatial workflows and algorithms optimised to process Earth image data on the cloud at scale.
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Avenza releases Geographic Imager 6.3 for Adobe Photoshop and starts video series

22 Feb - 10:14 SAST
Geographic Imager 6.3 gives users access to Adobe Photoshop functions while maintaining georeferencing and support for coordinate systems and projections.
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senseFly launches eBee Ag fixed-wing drone for agriculture mapping

15 Feb - 23:40 SAST
The eBee Ag can help agriculture professionals overcome the challenges they face in the field related to planning, plant health and crop monitoring.
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Carto’s BigQuery Tiler simplifies map tilesets for Google BigQuery to drive cloud native spatial infrastructure

11 Feb - 21:20 SAST
Carto BigQuery Tiler for visualising large spatial datasets lets users generate and serve tilesets directly on their data warehouse, making BigQuery an effective spatial data mapping platform.
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Juniper System introduces more customisation options for its rugged handheld computers

10 Feb - 18:02 SAST
Juniper Systems has announced a product customisation programme for its line of ultra-rugged handheld computers and sub-meter GNSS receiver.
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Paper: Bayesian statistics and modelling

3 Feb - 17:49 SAST
This paper describes the stages involved in Bayesian analysis, from specifying the prior and data models to deriving inference, model checking and refinement.
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Trimble and Esri collaborate to bring location-based products and services to the global forestry market

2 Feb - 17:26 SAST
In a new collaborating Esri is integrating its Geospatial Cloud platform into Trimble's Connected Forest solutions to provide visibility and traceability for the forest industry.
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senseFly launches eBee Geo mapping drone, e-Learning platform and operator certification program

1 Feb - 06:52 SAST
SenseFly expanded its eBee X drone solution with the launch of the eBee Geo, aimed at surveyors and GIS professionals.
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ESA releases long-term dataset to analyse global fire trends

21 Jan - 12:33 SAST
Maps of burned area derived from satellite data help improve fire-emission inventories to quantify the impact of fires on air quality, climate and its critical component, the global carbon cycle.
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Time in Maps: From the Age of Discovery to Our Digital Era

20 Jan - 22:02 SAST
“Time in Maps: From the Age of Discovery to Our Digital Era” includes essays from nine prominent cartography scholars who explore over 500 years of world history through maps.
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Golden Software enhances Surfer visualisation functionality for better data insights

12 Jan - 10:10 SAST
Golden Software has enhanced visualisation and automation functions in the new version of its Surfer gridding, contouring and 3D surface mapping package, giving users more options for displaying scientific data.
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Our World in Data is now tracking Covid-19 vaccinations globally

8 Jan - 13:27 SAST
In December 2020, Our World in Data has started tracking another essential metric: Covid-19 vaccinations.
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Phase One unveils PAS 880 large format nadir and oblique aerial camera system

15 Dec - 11:18 SAST
The system integrates a 280 MP nadir camera with four oblique 150 MP cameras into a single pod to simultaneously capture photogrammetric 2D and 3D digital imagery.
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GIS for science: Applying mapping and spatial analytics (Vol. 2)

7 Dec - 22:27 SAST
The book accompanies with the website, which provides collections of ArcGIS StoryMaps, apps, digital maps, and more. Links to learning pathways and blogs relate the practical use of GIS in each of the...
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Spatial Finance: Challenges and Opportunities

3 Dec - 21:31 SAST
The paper outlines a possible taxonomy and hierarchy for spatial finance, showing how discrete forms of technology, approaches and data can be considered within a single consistent framework.
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OGC features API adds more coordinate reference systems

25 Nov - 12:40 SAST
OGC APIs spatially enable web APIs in a consistent way by enabling a way to share and access location information that is consistent with the architecture of the web.
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NavVis introduces cloud processing for laser scanning workflows

17 Nov - 10:28 SAST
This cloud-based tool enables users to convert laser scans into survey-grade, photo-realistic point clouds from data captured by the company’s mobile mapping systems.
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Global air pollution maps now available

6 Nov - 09:48 SAST
A new online platform for tracking of air pollution worldwide is now available to the public. The maps, which use data from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite, show the averaged nitrogen dioxide concentrations using a...
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Esri, UN and GEO Blue Planet release global water health tool to help coastal nations improve ocean quality

4 Nov - 14:07 SAST
The tool uses real-time analysis enabling countries to monitor coastal water quality and use that information to guide policy and reduce pollution from land sources.
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DJI launches two new drone payloads for aerial surveying

20 Oct - 11:50 SAST
DJI unveiled two new payloads for its Matrice 300 RTK commercial drone platform: the Zenmuse L1 lidar solution and Zenmuse P1 full frame camera.
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Bentley Systems expands alliance with Microsoft to accelerate infrastructure digital twins for urban planning and smart cities

19 Oct - 07:09 SAST
Bentley Systems and Microsoft Corp announced an expansion of a strategic alliance focused on advancing infrastructure for smart city urban planning and smart construction.
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Carto integrates mapping library and relaunches its developer centre

14 Oct - 19:34 SAST
A complete Carto module is now available as part of the framework, allowing developers to use Carto APIs when building apps using the framework.
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Esri introduces ready-to-use geospatial deep learning models through ArcGIS Online

13 Oct - 21:18 SAST
Esri has announced the release of ready-to-use geospatial artificial intelligence (AI) models on the ArcGIS Living Atlas. The company has added three models.
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Topcon’s new GT-1200 and GT-600 robotic total stations complete hybrid positioning workflow

13 Oct - 19:33 SAST
Topcon Positioning Group’s new GT Series robotic total stations, the GT-1200 and GT-600, are now available in multiple accuracy levels. The total stations form part of a full workflow solution, known as Hybrid Positioning...
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YellowScan integrates Livox Horizon lidar into its Mapper UAV solution

13 Oct - 12:45 SAST
YellowScan has updated its Mapper lidar scanner by integrating DJI’s Livox Horizon laser scanner into a solution.
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Riegl’s latest aerial lidar solutions feature intersecting scan planes

9 Oct - 15:58 SAST
Riegl has unveiled four new lidar systems at this year’s InterGEO conference – two for unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs (the Riegl VUX-120 and miniVUX-3UAV) and two larger aerial systems for manned aircraft (the...
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Gexcel releases Heron MS Twin dual lidar mobile mapping system

7 Oct - 12:02 SAST
Gexcel’s Heron MS Twin is a double lidar sensor mobile mapping system, equipped with a 5K RGB panoramic camera. It is suitable for many environments and applications.
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SkyWatch and Picterra partner to automate satellite monitoring and change detection

5 Oct - 11:58 SAST
With this partnership, Picterra’s customers can now automatically monitor their areas of interest for change by combining EarthCache’s automated tasking requests with Picterra’s automated detection algorithms.
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Using gridded population data for inclusive mapping and sustainable development

1 Oct - 13:12 SAST
Gridded population data have emerged as an important resource for delivering actionable data.
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Trimble TCU5 onboard controller automates S Series total station workflow

24 Sep - 17:55 SAST
Trimble’s new TCU5 onboard controller completes the company’s S Series (S5, S7, S9 and S9HP) total stations workflow by enabling automatic tracking-and-focusing of instrument.
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Deal unlocks universal access to high-resolution satellite imagery for anyone to monitoring tropical deforestation

23 Sep - 19:56 SAST
Universal access to high-resolution satellite monitoring of the tropics supports efforts to stop the destruction of the world’s rainforests.
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Pointly launches cloud-based 3D point cloud classification tool

14 Sep - 11:24 SAST
Pointly is a software-as-a-service solution which uses AI to manage and classify 3D point clouds.
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Oracle Database releases two automatic and scalable contact tracing APIs

13 Sep - 13:14 SAST
Oracle has released two automatic and scalable contact tracing APIs (PL/SQL table functions), included in every Oracle Database license.
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Golden Software improves Surfer file handling for faster mapping

9 Sep - 12:05 SAST
Golden Software, a developer of 2D and 3D scientific modelling packages, has improved mapping in the latest version of its Surfer gridding, contouring, and 3D surface mapping product.
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GHGSat’s greenhouse gas detecting satellite reaches orbit to establish new constellation

3 Sep - 21:34 SAST
GHGSat-C1, or “Iris”, was launched into an orbit of 515 km and is the first of a new constellation of satellites that detect emissions at a very high resolution. By the end of 2022,...
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Planet completes high-res SkySat constellation and launches 26 medium-res SuperDoves satellites

3 Sep - 17:01 SAST
On 18 August 2020, Planet’s SkySats 19, 20 and 21 high-res satellites were launched, followed by the launch of 26 SuperDoves medium-res satellites on 3 September 2020.
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Kongsberg Geospatial and Vricon integrate high-res 3D data into ground control station for drone safety in urban environments

3 Sep - 13:47 SAST
Information from Kongsberg Geospatial Kongsberg Geospatial and Vricon have integrated their technologies to improve drone mission safety in urban environments. Vricon’s global high-res 3D terrain data integration into Kongsberg Geospatial’s...
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Trimble R12i GNSS receiver incorporates tilt compensation

1 Sep - 12:33 SAST
Trimble’s R12i GNSS receiver incorporates IMU-based tilt compensation using TIP technology, enabling measurements with a titled survey rod.
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How open map data is bringing transparency to the apparel industry

31 Aug - 15:09 SAST
The Open Apparel Registry is an open data map of facilities in the apparel industry which apparel brands, civil society organisations, academic researchers, journalists, and other groups use to understand the global apparel supply...
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Ericsson and UNICEF partner to map school internet connectivity globally

26 Aug - 17:41 SAST
Ericsson and UNICEF have partnered to map school connectivity in 35 countries by the end of 2023 as a first step towards providing every child with access to digital learning opportunities.
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Vexcel Imaging updates the performance of its aerial photogrammetry software in UltraMap 5.0

26 Aug - 10:28 SAST
This update features a new digital terrain model algorithm based on automatic semantic image segmentation and intelligent filtering, which now generates DSMs and DTMs for export at a higher quality than before.
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Mapillary map features now available globally in OpenStreetMap

24 Aug - 19:24 SAST
By Chris Beddow, Mapillary All Mapillary map features are now available in OpenStreetMap (OSM) tools with recent upgrades to JOSM and iD editors, also reflected in the RapiD editor. Mapillary...
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GeoSlam launches Hub 6.1 pointcloud software

20 Aug - 12:04 SAST
GeoSlam launched the latest version of its pointcloud processing software, Hub 6.1. This version includes Adjust to Control functionality, a new version of Draw, improvements in processing, new parameters and bug fixes.
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Acecore integrates Phase One Industrial cameras into its drones

18 Aug - 18:10 SAST
Phase One Industrial has signed an agreement with Acecore Technologies to integrate its iXM series cameras with Acecore’s drones. The company developed the iXM series for UAV-based aerial imaging.
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Cesium and OpenStreetMap launch global 3D building layer of more than 350 million buildings

18 Aug - 00:14 SAST
The new Cesium OpenStreetMap Buildings is a global 3D building layer of more than 350-million buildings derived entirely from OpenStreetMap (OSM).
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New BlackSky satellites captures sub-metre images over South Africa within 58 hours of launch

17 Aug - 23:48 SAST
BlackSky, a provider of global monitoring services, geospatial intelligence and satellite imagery, has completed initial system checkouts and has begun delivering imagery from its fifth and sixth satellites 58 hours after launch.
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Carto partnership with Google Cloud enables scalable spatial data infrastructure

12 Aug - 23:43 SAST
As a Google Cloud Partner, Carto is now available the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace. Carto BigQuery Tiler beta has also been released to visualise large location datasets inside BigQuery.
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Tableau 2020.3 enhances spatial analyses, data preparation and data source connectivity

12 Aug - 20:24 SAST
Tableau 2020.3 simplifies complex analytics such as predictions or spatial joins, has the ability to write to external databases and introduces partner-built integrations.
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Teledyne Optech introduces Galaxy CM2000 airborne lidar sensor for corridor mapping

12 Aug - 13:40 SAST
Teledyne Optech has extended its Galaxy product line to include the CM2000, a new sensor designed for corridor mapping.
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gvSIG Online introduces a custom geocoder for local place names

7 Aug - 11:05 SAST
The latest version of gvSIG Online, an open source GIS platform, introduces custom geocoding and elevation profiles.
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Esri offers students free access to GIS software and lessons for one year starting September 2020

6 Aug - 11:19 SAST
From 1 September 2020, the Learn ArcGIS Student Program will provide free access for one year to software, lessons, and a community of learners to qualified students globally.
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Pix4Dfields 1.8 offers advanced layer visualisation

6 Aug - 01:39 SAST
The latest Pix4Dfields update offers multiple functions to help users focus on the data that is important, including histogram equalisation and dynamic range to get more control over the data values of interest.
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Enhanced geology and mine design in Maptek’s Vulcan 2020

5 Aug - 12:14 SAST
Maptek has released Vulcan 2020, featuring integrated geology and optimised mine design.
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Spectra Geospatial and Aplitop collaborate on tunnelling survey solution

4 Aug - 22:21 SAST
Spectra Geospatial is collaborating with Aplitop to provide surveyors and geospatial professionals with a complete hardware and software solution for performing tunnel construction surveys.
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Spatial finance techniques empower investors and governments

31 Jul - 16:23 SAST
The Climate and Nature Sovereign Index lets investors assess climate and nature risks of sovereign debt investments.
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Climate and Nature Sovereign Index: Framework for a clear assessment of environmental risk

31 Jul - 12:26 SAST
The pilot Climate and Nature Sovereign Index (CNSI) is an important first step to harness the power of sovereign debt investing to help safeguard the natural world.
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New satellite pinpoints industrial methane emissions

29 Jul - 18:33 SAST
GHGSat’s demonstration satellite (“Claire”), aided by ESA’s Sentinel 5P, has now collected more than 60 000 methane measurements of industrial facilities around the world.
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Geode Connect data collection app for Windows and Android receives an update

29 Jul - 17:56 SAST
The Geode Connect app lets users to connect and control a Geode sub-metre GPS receiver with their mobile device. Features already launched in the iOS app are now available in the Windows and Android...
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NavVis IndoorViewer 2.7 adds annotations and auditing to aid virtual planning and collaboration

28 Jul - 12:02 SAST
The recent release of NavVis IndoorViewer 3D visualisation software lets building stakeholders annotate, export and share measurements.
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Carlson launches its redesigned BRx7 multi-frequency GNSS receiver

27 Jul - 11:10 SAST
Carlson Software new multi-frequency, multi-GNSS BRx7 smart antenna is suitable to a variety of operating modes, and can be deployed as a base with additional access to BeiDou phase 3 satellites in a base-rover...
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Airbus retires its SPOT 1–5 image production and distribution service

22 Jul - 16:56 SAST
From 1 August 2020, SPOT 1-5 data will no longer be available in its catalogue and therefore it will not be possible to order this through the company’s GeoStore web ordering portal or traditionally...
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A guide for data owners for providing data to OpenStreetMap

22 Jul - 13:25 SAST
OpenStreetMap has published a how-to guide for other organisations that want to contribute their data to OSM.
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Conserving our common heritage: The role of spatial finance in the protection of world heritage

21 Jul - 05:02 SAST
Spatial finance methods enable the systematic screening for industrial activities in World Heritage Sites, and thus allow responsible finance institutions to honour their commitments to protect World Heritage and other sensitive sites.
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Coalition formed to combine artificial intelligence with satellites to monitor global greenhouse gas emissions in real time

15 Jul - 21:20 SAST
The Climate TRACE tool will allow independently verified emissions monitoring to enable transparency and accountability, along with other applications and benefits.
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UP42 Partners with Vultus on precision agriculture technologies

15 Jul - 12:38 SAST
UP42 customers can now use the Vultus Fertilization Zoning Maps algorithms for crop management, with more agricultural technologies coming soon.
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Cadasta’s Global Impact Dashboard 2.0 gives partners greater access to land and resource rights data

14 Jul - 10:54 SAST
Cadasta released the second version of its Global Impact Dashboard, designed with its partners’ needs in mind. The dashboard makes it possible to visualise and share the land and resource rights data collected using...
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ProStar joins Trimble’s GIS business partner programme to benefit utility mapping

8 Jul - 12:12 SAST
ProStar provides field crews with a mobile data collection solution designed to capture, record and provide real-time visualisation of the precise locations of subsurface infrastructure, while using a centralised database to store and share...
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The role of spatial finance in the protection of world heritage

1 Jul - 04:39 SAST
Financial service providers can help prevent the exploitation of World Heritage Sites by using spatial analysis to gain a clear overview of economic activity in areas of global ecological significance.
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senseFly eMotion 3.13 automates drone flight log management and expands night flight support

24 Jun - 11:47 SAST
senseFly has released the latest version of its flight planning and monitoring software, eMotion 3.13.0. This version includes additional support for night flights, better drone flight log memory management and other user interface changes.
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Virtual Surveyor drone surveying software aids earthworks monitoring at construction sites

15 Jun - 12:56 SAST
Virtual Surveyor has introduced new functionality in Version 7.3 of its drone surveying software to create a workflow for monitoring earthworks progress at construction sites.
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Picterra introduces a QGIS Plugin that allows users to access automated imagery processing from within their current workflows

12 Jun - 18:44 SAST
Picterra has released the beta version of its QGIS plugin to complement its online platform and to enable users to integrate Picterra into their workflow.
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Pix4D launches photogrammetry cloud processing solutions for surveying and construction site monitoring

9 Jun - 15:30 SAST
Pix4D’s two new mapping platforms, Pix4Dcloud and Pix4Dcloud Advanced, for online surveying and construction site monitoring. These can be purchased independently from any desktop software to generate 2D maps and 3D models for online-only...
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Planet announces 50 cm SkySat imagery, tasking dashboard and up to twelve revisits

9 Jun - 11:57 SAST
Planet has unveiled three new releases as part of its overall tasking offerings. Combined, these releases not only enhance the core imagery for analysis, but also reduce friction to acquire that data.
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Cadasta Foundation collaborates with the Global Land Alliance to promote land tenure security

4 Jun - 13:39 SAST
Cadasta Foundation and Global Land Alliance (GLA) have signed a memorandum of understanding to mutually support and advocate for land tenure security for vulnerable and marginalised communities around the world.
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Bentley Systems and Legion temporarily waive subscription fees to help building and facilities managers meet social distancing demands

4 Jun - 13:34 SAST
Bentley Systems has opened its Legion Simulator and OpenBuildings Station Designer software, including waiving new subscription fees, through 30 September 2020 for facilities managers to incorporate pedestrian simulation methodologies across their planning, design, and...
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Extension to OGC moving features standard enables JSON encoding

2 Jun - 13:56 SAST
The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has approved the Moving Features Encoding Extension – JSON for adoption as an official OGC Standard. It defines how to encode and share the movements of geographic features by...
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Leica Map360 v4.0 introduces three editions to digitise and document crash or crime scenes

2 Jun - 13:05 SAST
Leica Map360 v4.0 crash and crime scene diagramming and reconstruction software has a new user experience and interface, and comes in three editions for specific workflows.
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The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis

28 May - 12:09 SAST
The guide helps new and experienced geographic information systems (GIS) users develop skills to handle a range of analysis applications and prepares them for developing more advanced GIS skills.
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Solv3D becomes an Esri specialty and marketplace provider

28 May - 12:01 SAST
Solv3D, a provider of 3D processing, geospatial data visualisation and collaboration solutions, has been recognised by Esri as a release ready specialty partner and has also been approved as an ArcGIS Marketplace provider.
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Esri joins Microsoft-GEO BON biodiversity grant initiative

28 May - 11:53 SAST
Esri is supporting the Microsoft-GEO BON (Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network) grant initiative known as Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) on the Cloud.
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GIS Cloud adds ability to archive and restore maps

26 May - 02:28 SAST
Users of GIS Cloud’s Map Editor and Mobile Data Collection Portal (MDCP) web applications can now archive and restore their maps and projects. The “Delete Map” option is replaced with a new “Archive Map”...
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NBS publishes its tenth National BIM Report

26 May - 02:19 SAST
This year’s 2020 BIM report marks the tenth year of asking the industry for their views about BIM. The latest report reflects the views of over 1000 industry professionals, and shows how usage and...
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GraphHopper Routing Engine 1.0 brings customisable routing to OpenStreetMap

25 May - 13:25 SAST
Version 1.0 of the open source GraphHopper routing engine has just been released. The new release contains a fast alternative routes feature, as well as a new customisable routing that allows users to modify...
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Aiding healthy bee populations with advanced analytics, machine learning and mapping

20 May - 14:55 SAST
With the number of bee colonies drastically declining around the world, SAS is using technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and visual analytics to help maintain and support healthy bee...
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Geomatica remote sensing and photogrammetry software now available as subscription service in the cloud

19 May - 14:18 SAST
PCI Geomatics, a developer of remote sensing and photogrammetric software and systems, announced the availability of Geomatica Cloud on the Cloudeo marketplace.
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Leica Geosystems partners globally with Pointfuse and Planon to drive automation in built environment management

14 May - 18:04 SAST
Information from Leica Geosystems Pointfuse and Leica Geosystems have announced a global cooperation and development agreement that streamlines the use of reality capture in digital construction, space management and visualisation...
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Trimble ManhattanOne cloud software provides greater control of real estate portfolios and financials

13 May - 20:26 SAST
Trimble introduced its next-generation integrated workplace management system (IWMS) with the launch of ManhattanOne software suite. Built for the cloud, it centralises real estate functions and data analyses for real estate performance, decision-making and...
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Aeolus wind data is now available in near-real time for numerical weather prediction

12 May - 18:53 SAST
ESA’s Aeolus satellite mission data is now being distributed publicly to forecasting services and scientific users in less than three hours of measurements being made from space.
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NavVis VLX readies mobile mapping for mainstream use in surveying

12 May - 13:38 SAST
NavVis launched the VLX, a wearable mapping system that captures high-quality data even in complex built environments such as construction sites, staircases and small rooms.
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Qinertia PPK software now supports third-party IMUs and offers a GNSS post-processing license

4 May - 22:00 SAST
SBG Systems’ in-house INS/GNSS PPK software, Qinertia, now covers all surveyors’ projects by offering a license dedicated to GNSS post-processing. Available globally, Qinertia supports all major GNSS receivers and is now open to third-party...
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Mapbox SDKs update JavaScript library and add lane detections

1 May - 21:39 SAST
Mapbox has announced updates its GL JS to v1.10.0 to support mobile gestures and improved line labels, as well as adding lane detection to its Vision SDK.
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Online SAR tool allows free natural-hazard visualisation

28 Apr - 17:44 SAST
A team of scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Alaska Satellite Facility released SARVIEWS 2.0, a free online service to monitor and visualise data from earthquakes and volcanoes.
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Mapillary introduces global dataset for lifelong place recognition

27 Apr - 15:42 SAST
Mapillary has released its Street-Level Sequences Dataset, a diverse publicly available dataset for lifelong place recognition. The dataset enables benchmarking and training machine learning models for large-scale lifelong place recognition. The dataset is available...
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Micromine expands mine planning tools in its latest upgrade

20 Apr - 00:09 SAST
The MM2020.5 upgrade extends the tools available to help mine planners and designers prepare prospective regions more accurately. The enhancements focus on the software’s design tools for mine designers, planners and engineers in both...
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OpenStreetMap Foundation opens 2020 microgrant applications

19 Apr - 07:20 SAST
The OSM Foundation has opened its new Microgrant Program, for which it invites bold, community-driven, and impactive OpenStreetMap project ideas that will benefit from a microgrant of up to €5000. The call for microgrant...
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Open data on COVID-19 now available in Carto’s Data Observatory

17 Apr - 07:35 SAST
To empower professionals with more tools to analyse and provide a better response to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, Carto is now providing open access to some key datasets for COVID-19 research as...
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Discussion paper considers BIM and GIS integration through data standards

9 Apr - 14:31 SAST
As part of their Integrated Digital Built Environment joint working group, the OGC and BSI have published “Built environment data standards and their integration: an analysis of IFC, CityGML and LandInfra”.
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NavVis IndoorViewer 2.6 democratises point cloud measurements

7 Apr - 16:11 SAST
The latest release of NavVis IndoorViewer 3D building visualisation software features a new measurement tool and e57 point cloud support.
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Image segmentation and classification labelling for geospatial imagery

7 Apr - 14:49 SAST
GroundWork is a tool that creates training data for machine learning models run on geospatial imagery. The company has been using it internally for six months already, and is now opening access to everyone...
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Submissions open for Copernicus Masters 2020

1 Apr - 12:39 SAST
The Copernicus Masters 2020 competition seeks innovative solutions that use Earth observation data to tackle challenges faced by business and society. From 1 April 2020 until 30 June 2020, participants can submit their innovative...
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Virtual Surveyor drone software automatically identifies dangerous slope angles

31 Mar - 16:11 SAST
Virtual Surveyor has introduced a new feature in Version 7.2 of its drone surveying software that automatically highlights terrain slopes that exceed dangerous (user-specified) steepness thresholds.
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IDS GeoRadar and Worldsensing launch a mining monitoring package

26 Mar - 16:11 SAST
Worldsensing and IDS GeoRadar, a Hexagon company, have cooperated to launch a comprehensive mine safety monitoring system. The integrated system will offer surface, sub-surface and geospatial monitoring in a single package, simplifying contracting and...
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Tableau opens COVID-19 Data Resource Hub

26 Mar - 14:37 SAST
Tableau Foundation, together with the Tableau Community and partners, has created a free, publicly-accessible COVID-19 Data Resource Hub. It contains resources to help anyone visualise and analyse the most recent data on the coronavirus...
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Phase One Industrial announces its 280 MP large format aerial solution

23 Mar - 18:32 SAST
Phase One Industrial has launched its 280MP Aerial Solution, a large format aerial imaging system that offers a high image capture rate and dynamic range, increasing overall quality and accuracy of the final photogrammetric...
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Mapbox deprecates its Studio Classic styles

20 Mar - 18:28 SAST
From 1 June 2020, Mapbox will turn off the ability to request a Classic map style from its Legacy Maps and Legacy Static Images APIs, meaning Classic map styles will no longer load in...
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GIS Cloud offers free technology and support for COVID-19 projects

16 Mar - 18:12 SAST
GIS Cloud’s technology can be useful to those working with spatial data related to the Coronavirus, from gathering information in the field to making strategic decisions.
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Carto provides free visualisation software for organisations fighting COVID-19

11 Mar - 17:00 SAST
Carto is making its mapping platform available to public and private sector organisations fighting the coronavirus outbreak via its grants program.
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Luciad 2020 improves 3D and analytics capabilities, adds API

10 Mar - 19:14 SAST
Hexagon Geospatial has launched Luciad 2020, an update to its platform for building location intelligence and real-time, situational awareness applications. The update improves 3D visualisation and analysis capabilities. It also extends the portfolio with...
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Parrot and Survae pair enterprise drone imagery with interactive mapping

5 Mar - 18:41 SAST
Drone company Parrot has partnered with software firm Survae to combine its Anafi and Anafi Thermal drones with Survae’s video and image processing software.
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Gexcel Reconstructor 4.2 advances processing of mobile mapping data

27 Feb - 18:05 SAST
Gexcel’s new release of Reconstructor introduces improvements for mining, tunnelling, construction, and infrastructure applications with new workflows designed to guide customers to final deliverables from the surveying data.
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1Spatial’s new mobile data collection platform and 1Integrate v2.6 release

24 Feb - 17:12 SAST
1Spatial, a geospatial software and solutions company, has released 1Integrate v2.6. The company also announced its new Location Mobile App Platform (LMAP), which enables spatial data collection in the field.
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Measure Ground Control drone software is now powered by Pix4D

23 Feb - 18:36 SAST
Measure’s latest iteration of its drone software platform, Measure Ground Control, adds data processing and mapping tools powered by Pix4D to its existing suite of management capabilities and flight application.
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Blue Marble Geographics releases Global Mapper 21.1 with lidar module

19 Feb - 07:11 SAST
Blue Marble Geographics has released version 21.1 of its GIS software, Global Mapper, and advanced point cloud processing add-on, the Lidar Module.
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Guide to location tracking technologies for underground mines

17 Feb - 13:33 SAST
Section 9.2 of the GMG Underground Mine Communications Infrastructure Guidelines Part III: General Guidelines provides a high-level overview of why tracking technologies are valuable in underground mines and the options that they have.
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New Spatial features in Oracle Database 20c

14 Feb - 17:26 SAST
Oracle Database 20c is now available for preview on Oracle Cloud (Database Cloud Service Virtual Machine). As with every major release, it includes new features and enhancements that extend its multi-model capabilities. This release...
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Partnership develops AI apps for Anafi drones

13 Feb - 17:25 SAST
European drone group, Parrot, has partnered with web and app development consultants, RIIS, to develop custom applications of artificial intelligence for Parrot’s Anafi drone platform.
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Cadcorp ads Power BI integration and optimises user experience

13 Feb - 16:48 SAST
Cadcorp SIS 9 incorporates several bug fixes, software updates and performance enhancements to Cadcorp SIS Desktop and Cadcorp SIS WebMap.
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Arvizio launches multi-user XR for CAD, BIM and point cloud visualisation

13 Feb - 13:51 SAST
Arvizio launched XR Connect, a suite of services for secure multi-location edge and cloud collaboration for enterprise XR (extended reality). The XR Platform is a complete solution for optimisation, visualisation and collaboration using 3D...
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Picterra incorporates testing areas into workflow

12 Feb - 18:53 SAST
Picterra has released a new feature, Testing Areas, which is now an integral part of the workflow for training a detector. Its purpose is to visually assess the results while building the detector.
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OGC publishes Open Routing API Pilot results

12 Feb - 17:23 SAST
The Open Routing API Pilot addresses interoperability issues and developed methods for routing services to incorporate diverse data, routing engines, and routing algorithms in a standardised way, even while operating in denied, degraded, intermittent,...
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Drone2Map for ArcGIS 2.1 improves elevation models

11 Feb - 11:15 SAST
The latest release of Esri’s drone mapping software, Drone2Map for ArcGIS 2.1, is now available and includes new tools, workflows, and capabilities. Highlights of the update include elevation model improvements, camera model updates, new...
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Enhancing Pléiades and SPOT imagery for better object detection

7 Feb - 12:42 SAST
The Super-resolution algorithm uses machine learning (convolutional neural network) to increase the sharpness of low-resolution images, making it easier to extract information from. This is an important pre-processing step before using machine learning object...
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Inpixon enhances indoor map creation and management

30 Jan - 17:45 SAST
Information from Inpixon Inpixon, a company specialising in delivering indoor intelligence, has released its latest mapping platform, Jibestream 4.12. The update offers new and enhanced features to streamline the creation,...
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Maptiler adds disputed borders and language support

30 Jan - 17:43 SAST
The new release of Maptiler’s open-source map publishing project, OpenMapTiles 3.11, introduces disputed borders, roads under construction, adds support for Kurdish and Amharic language and brings multiple other improvements and bug fixes. New tiles...
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Three insights from The State of Spatial Data Science 2020 report

29 Jan - 17:47 SAST
In order to understand the trends and shifts for Spatial Data Science across these industries, Carto has invited thought leaders from enterprise organisations across the globe to participate in the State of Spatial Data...
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Hexagon’s M.App X 2020 delivers 3D display modes and accelerates visualisation

28 Jan - 17:41 SAST
The creators of Hexagon Geospatial’s M.App X software adopted the term “shoebox” for the digital area in which users organise their imagery to pay homage to this dated, yet creative, means of storing film...
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senseFly’s eMotion adds multispectral PPK for precision agriculture

27 Jan - 17:06 SAST
The latest update of senseFly’s eMotion flight planning software adds multispectral PPK functionality and an updated user interface.
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Python library speeds up spatial analysis

21 Jan - 17:58 SAST
To speed up spatial analysis, Carto has introduced CARTOframes 1.0, a Python library that enables data scientists and analysts to integrate Carto maps, data, and analysis into their data science workflows.
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RapidEye satellite constellation to be retired in March 2020

16 Jan - 17:01 SAST
Planet’s RapidEye constellation will be retired at the end of March 2020, after 11 years of gathering imagery. The constellation contributed to Planet’s global Earth observation dataset since the company acquired it from BlackBridge...
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Mapping schools globally to enable internet connectivity

15 Jan - 15:36 SAST
A recent training programme in Jolly Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda, sought ways to identify and map the location of a learning institution and the level of internet connectivity available.
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Global wind data now in daily weather forecasts

10 Jan - 13:13 SAST
ESA’s Aeolus satellite is the first to provide profiles of Earth’s wind in cloud-free air globally, carries the first instrument of its kind, and uses a novel approach to measuring the wind from space....
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Juniper Systems launches Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet

3 Jan - 17:08 SAST
Juniper Systems has released the Mesa 3 Rugged Table running Android, following the release of the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet running Windows 10 earlier in January 2020.
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Drone Professional 1

1 Jan - 18:09 SAST
Drone Professional 1 brings together 16 global drone experts to provide readers with the latest thinking on drone technology, best practice and business success.
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Satellite navigation for drones explored in white paper

19 Dec - 15:35 SAST
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has published a white paper on the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems (EGNSS) for Drones Operations, which considers GNSS as essential for the safe and reliable navigation of drones.
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City model competition winner announced

17 Dec - 17:32 SAST
The CityGML Challenge was conducted under the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) Innovation Program, and tasked software developers to configure visualisation software tools to support the capabilities of CityGML version 3, including dynamic data feeds...
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Trimble extends GNSS reach of LTI laser rangefinders for GIS mobile workers

11 Dec - 15:42 SAST
Trimble’s TerraFlex field software now supports remote feature capture with Laser Technology Inc (LTI) TruPulse 200 series and 360° series laser rangefinders.
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Open geospatial training data released for crop type machine learning

9 Dec - 19:04 SAST
Radiant MLHub debuted its cloud-based open library of earth observation training data with “crop type” training data for major crops in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
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