GNSS receiver

Topcon donates GNSS and survey equipment to bridge building effort in Rwanda

17 Nov - 14:50 SAST
Topcon is supporting the Bridges to Prosperity organisation that builds trail bridges to improve the lives of people in rural areas.
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Topcon’s new GT-1200 and GT-600 robotic total stations complete hybrid positioning workflow

13 Oct - 19:33 SAST
Topcon Positioning Group’s new GT Series robotic total stations, the GT-1200 and GT-600, are now available in multiple accuracy levels. The total stations form part of a full workflow solution, known as Hybrid Positioning...
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Trimble R12i GNSS receiver incorporates tilt compensation

1 Sep - 12:33 SAST
Trimble’s R12i GNSS receiver incorporates IMU-based tilt compensation using TIP technology, enabling measurements with a titled survey rod.
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Hexagon adds visual positioning technology to its survey-grade GNSS RTK rover

18 Aug - 15:36 SAST
Through sensor fusion of satellite (GNSS), motion (IMU), and image (camera) technology, the GNSS RTK rover enables the measurement of points from images. This lets professionals difficult to reach areas likes trenches, high power...
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Carlson launches its redesigned BRx7 multi-frequency GNSS receiver

27 Jul - 11:10 SAST
Carlson Software new multi-frequency, multi-GNSS BRx7 smart antenna is suitable to a variety of operating modes, and can be deployed as a base with additional access to BeiDou phase 3 satellites in a base-rover...
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