Leica Geosystems

Hexagon adds visual positioning technology to its survey-grade GNSS RTK rover

18 Aug - 15:36 SAST
Through sensor fusion of satellite (GNSS), motion (IMU), and image (camera) technology, the GNSS RTK rover enables the measurement of points from images. This lets professionals difficult to reach areas likes trenches, high power...
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Leica Map360 v4.0 introduces three editions to digitise and document crash or crime scenes

2 Jun - 13:05 SAST
Leica Map360 v4.0 crash and crime scene diagramming and reconstruction software has a new user experience and interface, and comes in three editions for specific workflows.
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Leica Geosystems partners globally with Pointfuse and Planon to drive automation in built environment management

14 May - 18:04 SAST
Information from Leica Geosystems Pointfuse and Leica Geosystems have announced a global cooperation and development agreement that streamlines the use of reality capture in digital construction, space management and visualisation...
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Leica Geosystems’ 3D laser scanning bundle streamlines workflow and Autodesk integration

31 Mar - 12:38 SAST
Leica Geosystems announced a new 3D laser scanning bundle for the Leica BLK360 and greater integration with Autodesk ecosystem.
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Leica Geosystems updates its machine control, adds machine integrations and extends cloud-based workflows

12 Mar - 17:16 SAST
Leica Geosystems has updated its iCon machine control software for its Site software, added new machine integrations and extended its ConX cloud-based workflows.
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Leica Geosystem Nova MS60 fuses total station with 3D scanning

18 Feb - 11:06 SAST
Leica Geosystems’ new Leica Nova MS60 multistation is a total station with advanced imaging, scanning capabilities and GNSS connectivity. It combines upgraded 3D laser scanning capabilities, GNSS connectivity and digital imaging with a high-end...
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