Giga and Mapbox join forces with mapping gaming to locate schools across the globe

29 Jun - 22:55 SAST
To accelerate the mapping of schools globally, Giga and Mapbox created The Mapping Game, a crowdsourced app to identify schools using satellite imagery.
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Mapbox Maps adds 150 million new buildings for comprehensive coverage in geographies including Tanzania and Uganda

2 Jul - 08:31 SAST
Mapbox has added more than 150 million buildings in the United States, Canada, Australia, UAE, Tanzania and Uganda to its map, a 360% increase for its building coverage.
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Mapbox SDKs update JavaScript library and add lane detections

1 May - 21:39 SAST
Mapbox has announced updates its GL JS to v1.10.0 to support mobile gestures and improved line labels, as well as adding lane detection to its Vision SDK.
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Mapbox deprecates its Studio Classic styles

20 Mar - 18:28 SAST
From 1 June 2020, Mapbox will turn off the ability to request a Classic map style from its Legacy Maps and Legacy Static Images APIs, meaning Classic map styles will no longer load in...
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