Woolpert acquires AAM to increase global mapping and geospatial data capabilities

15 Sep - 11:56 SAST
The acquisition almost doubles Woolpert’s presence in Africa. The companies will combine their mapping and cloud-based geospatial data capabilities, as well as their technologies and best practices to serve clients globally.
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Using open-access geospatial data to automate tailings dam management

1 Sep - 17:52 SAST
New monitoring models, such as the one discussed here, aid mining tailings-facility management and monitoring as well as ESG compliance.
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Quality drone data workflows that are efficient and affordable

23 Aug - 16:30 SAST
senseFly’s eBee Geo is a new lightweight, fixed-wing drone for mapping and surveying larger areas faster than quadcopters and more efficiently than terrestrial surveying equipment.
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Global mineral data portal unveiled by international partnership

28 Jun - 13:32 SAST
Access more than 10 000 mineral samples from Australia, Canada and the United States, all categorised along a deposit classification scheme and available through a new web portal.
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Virtual Surveyor enhances stockpile reporting in drone surveying software

1 Jun - 11:47 SAST
Version 8.2 can calculate stockpile volumes in drone imagery and generate a PDF report detailing material tonnage and value.
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Catalyst and Amazon Web Services collaboration delivers displacement monitoring insights

1 Jun - 11:24 SAST
The Catalyst AWS collaboration will deliver geoscience analytics to users with any level of technical expertise.
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Delta Drone International expands its training operations into Namibia, launches agri-operation in Zambia and introduces new mining service in Ghana

12 May - 13:56 SAST
Through its subsidiaries, DSL, Rocketmine and Rocketfarm, Delta Drone International is expanding its drone operations and training into Africa.
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GMG produces database of mining interoperability initiatives

13 Apr - 22:16 SAST
This live database of mining interoperability initiatives aims to increase the industry’s visibility of what organisations are doing on interoperability in order to enable collaboration.
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Digital Twin Consortium welcomes Esri as partner, announces liaison with Global Mining Guidelines Group

1 Apr - 11:56 SAST
The Digital Twin Consortium has welcomed Esri as a partner, and entered into a liaison agreement with Global Mining Guidelines Group.
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Epiroc acquires mining software provider MineRP to create a global digital mining platform

3 Mar - 16:22 SAST
The merger will help create a global platform to answer the mining industry’s demand for business transformation based on digital capabilities.
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Enhanced geology and mine design in Maptek’s Vulcan 2020

5 Aug - 12:14 SAST
Maptek has released Vulcan 2020, featuring integrated geology and optimised mine design.
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Hexagon connects slope stability monitoring with mine operations

16 Jun - 00:54 SAST
The integration of systems from Hexagon Mining and IDS GeoRadar allows real-time equipment visualisation with timely alerts about hazardous areas for people and machinery.
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Carlson Software releases FiX1 fixed installation scanner to automate stockpile measurement

4 May - 16:01 SAST
Carlson Software has released the FiX1fixed installation scanner for volumetric scanning and stockpile measurement. Designed as a permanent installation, the scanner is used to automate the delivery of volumetric data without the need for...
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Micromine expands mine planning tools in its latest upgrade

20 Apr - 00:09 SAST
The MM2020.5 upgrade extends the tools available to help mine planners and designers prepare prospective regions more accurately. The enhancements focus on the software’s design tools for mine designers, planners and engineers in both...
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Cross-Atlantic partners use Earth observation solutions to reduce illegal gold mining in the tropical forests of Ghana and Peru

10 Apr - 12:33 SAST
SERVIR’s branches in Peru and Ghana are using Earth observation data for detection illegal gold mining to protect tropical forests in both countries.
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Virtual Surveyor drone software automatically identifies dangerous slope angles

31 Mar - 16:11 SAST
Virtual Surveyor has introduced a new feature in Version 7.2 of its drone surveying software that automatically highlights terrain slopes that exceed dangerous (user-specified) steepness thresholds.
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IDS GeoRadar and Worldsensing launch a mining monitoring package

26 Mar - 16:11 SAST
Worldsensing and IDS GeoRadar, a Hexagon company, have cooperated to launch a comprehensive mine safety monitoring system. The integrated system will offer surface, sub-surface and geospatial monitoring in a single package, simplifying contracting and...
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Phase One Industrial announces its 280 MP large format aerial solution

23 Mar - 18:32 SAST
Phase One Industrial has launched its 280MP Aerial Solution, a large format aerial imaging system that offers a high image capture rate and dynamic range, increasing overall quality and accuracy of the final photogrammetric...
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Gexcel Reconstructor 4.2 advances processing of mobile mapping data

27 Feb - 18:05 SAST
Gexcel’s new release of Reconstructor introduces improvements for mining, tunnelling, construction, and infrastructure applications with new workflows designed to guide customers to final deliverables from the surveying data.
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Guide to location tracking technologies for underground mines

17 Feb - 13:33 SAST
Section 9.2 of the GMG Underground Mine Communications Infrastructure Guidelines Part III: General Guidelines provides a high-level overview of why tracking technologies are valuable in underground mines and the options that they have.
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Trimble divests majority of Mining Information Systems to Herga Group

11 Feb - 22:00 SAST
Information from Trimble Trimble has sold its majority ownership of Mining Information Systems (MIS) to Herga Group, headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. The Herga Group has been a Trimble dealer for...
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Carlson Software introduces laser scanner for surveying and mining

14 Jan - 16:55 SAST
Carlson Software has released its Scan2K Laser Scanner, a solution for creating accurate 3D survey data up to a range of 2 000 metres (“2K”).
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Hexagon Mining acquires Blast Movement Technology

8 Jan - 19:25 SAST
Hexagon Mining, a sensor, software and autonomous solutions company, has acquired Blast Movement Technology (BMT), which specialises in blast movement monitoring and analysis for open pit mines.
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