Planet adds 48 satellites to its medium resolution constellation and updates its GIS plugins

24 Feb - 20:54 SAST
With this launch of 8-band SuperDoves, the company will continue to provide medium resolution multispectral imagery (3 to 5 m) at a global scale to customers worldwide.
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Picterra introduces a QGIS Plugin that allows users to access automated imagery processing from within their current workflows

12 Jun - 18:44 SAST
Picterra has released the beta version of its QGIS plugin to complement its online platform and to enable users to integrate Picterra into their workflow.
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MAPublisher 10.6 adds new spatial join, line plotting and map measurement features

22 Apr - 15:13 SAST
Both Windows and Mac users can explore the new and improved features MAPublisher 10.6 offers with the latest version of Adobe Illustrator. These include a new spatial join feature, improved line plotting and map...
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GIS Cloud Publisher for QGIS released

6 Feb - 18:19 SAST
Information from GIS Cloud The GIS Cloud Publisher for QGIS plugin is now available for download. This QGIS plugin allows users to transfer maps from QGIS to GIS Cloud while...
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