Public-Private Geospatial Collaborations: Exploring Potential Partnership Models

26 Jul - 12:00 SAST
The WGIC’s report assesses public-private-partnership (PPP) models for the geospatial industry.
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Report: The State of Spatial Data Science in Enterprise 2020

20 Jul - 22:31 SAST
Carto invited hundreds of leaders from enterprise organisations globally to participate in the State of Spatial Data Science in Enterprise 2020 Survey to gain new insights on the status quo and what to expect...
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Report: State and Trends of Spatial Finance 2021

15 Jul - 17:28 SAST
The report examines the underlying technology advancements and market developments that make spatial finance an increasingly important proposition for financial institutions.
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Report: Geospatial AI/ML applications and policies – A global perspective

13 Apr - 05:57 SAST
The report aims to inform governments and industry alike on the geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI) trends for the near-, mid- and long-term. Through the inputs from WGIC member companies and industry experts, areas of...
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A new paradigm for business of data

29 Jul - 19:15 SAST
Data is the lifeblood of the digital economy. This report captures replicable learnings and practices from organisations leading the way in ushering in a new business paradigm for data that empowers stakeholders, is grounded...
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The status of Earth observation & Geo-Information Sciences in Africa – trends and challenges

17 Jul - 15:38 SAST
The African continent is bound to become more dependent on the space industry for job creation, poverty alleviation and sustainable resource management. These were some of the findings in a paper recently published by...
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NBS publishes its tenth National BIM Report

26 May - 02:19 SAST
This year’s 2020 BIM report marks the tenth year of asking the industry for their views about BIM. The latest report reflects the views of over 1000 industry professionals, and shows how usage and...
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Three insights from The State of Spatial Data Science 2020 report

29 Jan - 17:47 SAST
In order to understand the trends and shifts for Spatial Data Science across these industries, Carto has invited thought leaders from enterprise organisations across the globe to participate in the State of Spatial Data...
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