South African National Space Agency to host Digital Earth Africa’s Program Management Office

5 Aug - 05:36 SAST
The program management office will strengthen Digital Earth Africa’s network of partners from across Africa by providing on-going leadership and direction to the program.
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South Africa’s space agency is conducting a user requirement study for its Space Infrastructure Hub

26 Jul - 17:24 SAST
The information gained will help shape the implementation of the Space Infrastructure Hub.
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South African National Space Agency opens postgraduate bursary applications for 2022

13 Jul - 15:17 SAST
SANSA offers the bursaries for Hons, MSc and PhD degrees ranging from R90 000 to R130 000 per year.
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Catalyst automates workflow for the South African National Space Agency to convert SPOT archive to analysis ready data

10 May - 11:46 SAST
The scalable workflow enables SANSA to prepare its entire SPOT archive for immediate analysis using the Open Data Cube, machine learning, and AI models.
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South African national water quantity data now available for all government departments in spatial and non-spatial formats

21 Sep - 14:34 SAST
The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) has signed a multi-user government licencing agreement to distribute GeoTerraImage’s Mzansi Amanzi national monthly water data products to all South African government departments and their consultants.
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Space-tech challenge opens submissions for local talent to develop Africa’s geospatial readiness

15 Sep - 12:56 SAST
Space-Tech Challenge 2020 is now open for submissions from innovators, entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses across Africa. The challenge aims to drive Africa's geospatial readiness through local talent, and targets downstream space-tech applications in agriculture,...
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South Africa’s planned Space Infrastructure Hub will use space data as a development tool

31 Aug - 16:27 SAST
Information from SANSA The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) has been awarded R4.47 billion in additional funding over the next three years to develop a Space Infrastructure Hub. The...
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Monitoring vehicle mobility patterns in South Africa during lockdown using satellite imagery

1 Jun - 12:28 SAST
The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) has been using satellite imagery to measure vehicle mobility on the roads and at shopping centres during South Africa’s lockdown, a national measure intended to slow the...
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South African National Space Agency seeks earth observation industry input on COVID-19 response tools

20 Apr - 19:58 SAST
SANSA is engaging with the local Earth observation industry to identify how the agency could partner on existing Earth observation products and to offer support/funding to fast track further development of products to support...
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SANSA uses satellite imagery to map COVID-19 risk areas in South Africa

3 Apr - 15:49 SAST
SANSA has been mapping and monitoring human settlement developments in the country using high-resolution imagery to provide base data that can be used to support campaigns aimed at managing the spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19.
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Industry body launched to grow South Africa’s geospatial sector

3 Dec - 17:50 SAST
To accelerate the continent’s readiness to benefit from space tech, key industry stakeholders with support from the South African National Space Agency (SANSA), have launched ZASpace Inc. The industry forum will facilitate structured investment...
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