Quality drone data workflows that are efficient and affordable

23 Aug - 16:30 SAST
senseFly’s eBee Geo is a new lightweight, fixed-wing drone for mapping and surveying larger areas faster than quadcopters and more efficiently than terrestrial surveying equipment.
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Making precision farming in Africa possible with cost efficient data capture

1 Jul - 14:07 SAST
Drones help digitise agriculture and offer farmers access to reliable data. Reducing the learning helps speed up adoption of this high return-on-investment solution.
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senseFly launches eBee Ag fixed-wing drone for agriculture mapping

15 Feb - 23:40 SAST
The eBee Ag can help agriculture professionals overcome the challenges they face in the field related to planning, plant health and crop monitoring.
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senseFly launches eBee Geo mapping drone, e-Learning platform and operator certification program

1 Feb - 06:52 SAST
SenseFly expanded its eBee X drone solution with the launch of the eBee Geo, aimed at surveyors and GIS professionals.
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WildTrack receives humanitarian award for conservation project using drones and artificial intelligence analyses

30 Sep - 12:58 SAST
WildTrack paired its footprint identification technique with statistical software and high-resolution drone imagery for non-invasive conservation monitoring.
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senseFly eMotion 3.13 automates drone flight log management and expands night flight support

24 Jun - 11:47 SAST
senseFly has released the latest version of its flight planning and monitoring software, eMotion 3.13.0. This version includes additional support for night flights, better drone flight log memory management and other user interface changes.
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senseFly’s eMotion adds multispectral PPK for precision agriculture

27 Jan - 17:06 SAST
The latest update of senseFly’s eMotion flight planning software adds multispectral PPK functionality and an updated user interface.
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