Quality drone data workflows that are efficient and affordable

23 Aug - 16:30 SAST
senseFly’s eBee Geo is a new lightweight, fixed-wing drone for mapping and surveying larger areas faster than quadcopters and more efficiently than terrestrial surveying equipment.
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MapTiler Desktop 11.2 features estimated rendering time and new output format

16 Aug - 11:08 SAST
MapTiler Desktop 11.2 features estimation of rendering time, new default output format, KML for Google Earth, upload to the cloud service of your choice, and other improvements.
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Virtual Surveyor enhances stockpile reporting in drone surveying software

1 Jun - 11:47 SAST
Version 8.2 can calculate stockpile volumes in drone imagery and generate a PDF report detailing material tonnage and value.
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Golden Software enhances 3D functionality in Surfer surface mapping package

11 May - 14:16 SAST
These capabilities are focused on making it easier for users to visualise, display, and analyse complex 3D data.
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Maptek DomainMCF platform applies machine learning in geological modelling

15 Apr - 13:33 SAST
Maptek new DomainMCF platform for geologists combines machine learning with cloud computing to generate geological models. It lets geologists feed in drilling data to obtain domain or grade models.
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ArcGIS Earth update overhauls sharing and interoperability

2 Apr - 12:53 SAST
The latest major release of ArcGIS Earth on desktop gives users more sharing capabilities across mobile, desktop and the organisation portal.
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Pointly’s new AI training service tailors point cloud classifications to client datasets

30 Mar - 13:22 SAST
Information from Pointly Pointly’s new AI training service offers clients automated and customer-specific classifications of point clouds as well as tailor-made neural networks that are trained and tested for a...
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Extensis makes its GeoViewer Pro geospatial data viewer available at no charge

17 Mar - 13:40 SAST
The GIS image viewer enables anyone to view and interact with geospatial datasets without a full GIS software package.
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MapTiler Desktop 11 gets a visual overhaul and new rendering capabilities

10 Mar - 18:43 SAST
MapTiler Desktop has been updated to keep it a user-friendly geodata processing tool for converting maps-data into web and mobile-ready form.
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Epiroc acquires mining software provider MineRP to create a global digital mining platform

3 Mar - 16:22 SAST
The merger will help create a global platform to answer the mining industry’s demand for business transformation based on digital capabilities.
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Catalyst’s new cloud solution processes Earth observation imagery where it is stored

22 Feb - 12:08 SAST
Microservices is a library of geospatial workflows and algorithms optimised to process Earth image data on the cloud at scale.
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Avenza releases Geographic Imager 6.3 for Adobe Photoshop and starts video series

22 Feb - 10:14 SAST
Geographic Imager 6.3 gives users access to Adobe Photoshop functions while maintaining georeferencing and support for coordinate systems and projections.
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Golden Software enhances Surfer visualisation functionality for better data insights

12 Jan - 10:10 SAST
Golden Software has enhanced visualisation and automation functions in the new version of its Surfer gridding, contouring and 3D surface mapping package, giving users more options for displaying scientific data.
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Esri and AfroChampions partner to promote GIS in Africa for economic development

24 Sep - 10:22 SAST
GIS software developer, Esri, announced a joint initiative with AfroChampions, a Pan-African non-profit that aims to promote policies that foster private-public collaboration for Africa’s economic transformation.
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SAS accelerates development of analytics and data science talent with academic program

22 Sep - 17:19 SAST
The programme adds structure and consistency to degree and certificate programs, ensuring a foundation in SAS skills.
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Pointly launches cloud-based 3D point cloud classification tool

14 Sep - 11:24 SAST
Pointly is a software-as-a-service solution which uses AI to manage and classify 3D point clouds.
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Oracle Database releases two automatic and scalable contact tracing APIs

13 Sep - 13:14 SAST
Oracle has released two automatic and scalable contact tracing APIs (PL/SQL table functions), included in every Oracle Database license.
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Golden Software improves Surfer file handling for faster mapping

9 Sep - 12:05 SAST
Golden Software, a developer of 2D and 3D scientific modelling packages, has improved mapping in the latest version of its Surfer gridding, contouring, and 3D surface mapping product.
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Virtual Surveyor expands functionality in free version of drone surveying software

8 Sep - 12:45 SAST
Originally offered as a free viewing tool for imagery and elevation models captured by drones, the entry-level “Valley” plan now enables surveyors to create topographic line surveys for small-area projects, and create engineering CAD...
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Vexcel Imaging updates the performance of its aerial photogrammetry software in UltraMap 5.0

26 Aug - 10:28 SAST
This update features a new digital terrain model algorithm based on automatic semantic image segmentation and intelligent filtering, which now generates DSMs and DTMs for export at a higher quality than before.
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GeoSlam launches Hub 6.1 pointcloud software

20 Aug - 12:04 SAST
GeoSlam launched the latest version of its pointcloud processing software, Hub 6.1. This version includes Adjust to Control functionality, a new version of Draw, improvements in processing, new parameters and bug fixes.
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Tableau 2020.3 enhances spatial analyses, data preparation and data source connectivity

12 Aug - 20:24 SAST
Tableau 2020.3 simplifies complex analytics such as predictions or spatial joins, has the ability to write to external databases and introduces partner-built integrations.
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gvSIG Online introduces a custom geocoder for local place names

7 Aug - 11:05 SAST
The latest version of gvSIG Online, an open source GIS platform, introduces custom geocoding and elevation profiles.
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Esri offers students free access to GIS software and lessons for one year starting September 2020

6 Aug - 11:19 SAST
From 1 September 2020, the Learn ArcGIS Student Program will provide free access for one year to software, lessons, and a community of learners to qualified students globally.
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Pix4Dfields 1.8 offers advanced layer visualisation

6 Aug - 01:39 SAST
The latest Pix4Dfields update offers multiple functions to help users focus on the data that is important, including histogram equalisation and dynamic range to get more control over the data values of interest.
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Enhanced geology and mine design in Maptek’s Vulcan 2020

5 Aug - 12:14 SAST
Maptek has released Vulcan 2020, featuring integrated geology and optimised mine design.
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NavVis IndoorViewer 2.7 adds annotations and auditing to aid virtual planning and collaboration

28 Jul - 12:02 SAST
The recent release of NavVis IndoorViewer 3D visualisation software lets building stakeholders annotate, export and share measurements.
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Planet and Esri expand satellite partnership

13 Jul - 15:06 SAST
Planet is expanding its partnership with GIS software developer, Esri, allowing users to buy Planet imagery directly within the GIS software.
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senseFly eMotion 3.13 automates drone flight log management and expands night flight support

24 Jun - 11:47 SAST
senseFly has released the latest version of its flight planning and monitoring software, eMotion 3.13.0. This version includes additional support for night flights, better drone flight log memory management and other user interface changes.
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You can now test your product’s GML in JPEG 2000 compliance

19 Jun - 17:11 SAST
Information from OGC The Executable Test Suite for version 2.0 of the GML in JPEG 2000 (GMLJP2) Part 1: Core encoding standard is now available through the Open Geospatial Consortium...
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Virtual Surveyor drone surveying software aids earthworks monitoring at construction sites

15 Jun - 12:56 SAST
Virtual Surveyor has introduced new functionality in Version 7.3 of its drone surveying software to create a workflow for monitoring earthworks progress at construction sites.
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Pix4D launches photogrammetry cloud processing solutions for surveying and construction site monitoring

9 Jun - 15:30 SAST
Pix4D’s two new mapping platforms, Pix4Dcloud and Pix4Dcloud Advanced, for online surveying and construction site monitoring. These can be purchased independently from any desktop software to generate 2D maps and 3D models for online-only...
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Critical security patch for ArcGIS Enterprise portal

3 Jun - 13:02 SAST
A critical Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability has been discovered in ArcGIS Enterprise portal, affecting all versions prior to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8. Esri has released the Portal for ArcGIS Security 2020 Update 1, which...
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Leica Map360 v4.0 introduces three editions to digitise and document crash or crime scenes

2 Jun - 13:05 SAST
Leica Map360 v4.0 crash and crime scene diagramming and reconstruction software has a new user experience and interface, and comes in three editions for specific workflows.
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Solv3D becomes an Esri specialty and marketplace provider

28 May - 12:01 SAST
Solv3D, a provider of 3D processing, geospatial data visualisation and collaboration solutions, has been recognised by Esri as a release ready specialty partner and has also been approved as an ArcGIS Marketplace provider.
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GIS Cloud adds ability to archive and restore maps

26 May - 02:28 SAST
Users of GIS Cloud’s Map Editor and Mobile Data Collection Portal (MDCP) web applications can now archive and restore their maps and projects. The “Delete Map” option is replaced with a new “Archive Map”...
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Geomatica remote sensing and photogrammetry software now available as subscription service in the cloud

19 May - 14:18 SAST
PCI Geomatics, a developer of remote sensing and photogrammetric software and systems, announced the availability of Geomatica Cloud on the Cloudeo marketplace.
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Trimble ManhattanOne cloud software provides greater control of real estate portfolios and financials

13 May - 20:26 SAST
Trimble introduced its next-generation integrated workplace management system (IWMS) with the launch of ManhattanOne software suite. Built for the cloud, it centralises real estate functions and data analyses for real estate performance, decision-making and...
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Parrot and DroneSense partner to equip public safety UAS programs

12 May - 20:14 SAST
Drone group Parrot has partnered with software company DroneSense to enable public safety UAS teams to use the full suite of DroneSense capabilities for the needs of first responders with their Anafi aircraft.
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Cadcorp takes desktop GIS to the cloud

11 May - 23:17 SAST
Cadcorp has extended its cloud services to include SIS Desktop. There are many benefits to hosting desktop GIS in the cloud, and the company is offering packages that are flexible to each organisation's IT...
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Latest Trimble Access gives surveyors an Android OS option

7 May - 17:29 SAST
Trimble’s Access 2020 field software is now available on the Trimble TDC600 rugged mobile device powered by Android. This combination offers surveyors the ability to use their familiar workflows and survey instruments while using...
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Qinertia PPK software now supports third-party IMUs and offers a GNSS post-processing license

4 May - 22:00 SAST
SBG Systems’ in-house INS/GNSS PPK software, Qinertia, now covers all surveyors’ projects by offering a license dedicated to GNSS post-processing. Available globally, Qinertia supports all major GNSS receivers and is now open to third-party...
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Trimble introduces Android-based paving control software for asphalt pavers

30 Apr - 19:14 SAST
Trimble’s Roadworks 2D Paving Control Platform for asphalt pavers, an automatic screed control system, can improve the accuracy and productivity in applications of asphalt paving. The software runs on the Android operating system.
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Trimble Business Center v5.30 features new CAD Command Line and other enhancements

27 Apr - 18:53 SAST
Trimble Business Center v5.30 was released this week featuring a new CAD Command Line, point feature extraction enhancements, new surface tools and updated road and tunnel workflows.
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Micromine expands mine planning tools in its latest upgrade

20 Apr - 00:09 SAST
The MM2020.5 upgrade extends the tools available to help mine planners and designers prepare prospective regions more accurately. The enhancements focus on the software’s design tools for mine designers, planners and engineers in both...
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Over 500K downloads for ESA’s SNAP toolbox

16 Apr - 06:59 SAST
A software toolbox that provide users with the tools they need to process satellite data has been downloaded more than 500 000 times in less than five years.
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Microsoft is building a planetary computer

15 Apr - 15:36 SAST
Microsoft is entering the next phase of its AI for Earth program, dedicated to building a Planetary Computer platform. This will provide the AI for Earth community (which includes nearly 500 organisations in 81...
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Bentley Systems waives ProjectWise 365 subscription fees to support engineers working from home

15 Apr - 07:48 SAST
Bentley Systems has waiving subscription fees for its ProjectWise 365 cloud service through 30 September 2020, to virtually connect infrastructure project participants forced to work from home.
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Golden Software simplifies Surfer workflows for faster gridding

14 Apr - 08:36 SAST
Golden Software, a developer of affordable 2D and 3D scientific modelling packages, has streamlined many workflows in the latest version of its Surfer gridding, contouring, and 3D surface mapping product.
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NavVis IndoorViewer 2.6 democratises point cloud measurements

7 Apr - 16:11 SAST
The latest release of NavVis IndoorViewer 3D building visualisation software features a new measurement tool and e57 point cloud support.
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UN to offer free access to smart mapping software during Coronavirus pandemic

7 Apr - 15:52 SAST
Esri has partnered with the United Nations to offer its mapping and analytics technology for member states to help access and visualise the data needed as they combat the novel coronavirus pandemic.
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Using 3D solutions to improve design tolerances on building projects gone awry

6 Apr - 16:32 SAST
A mixed-use, multi-structure development project in South Africa had gone terribly wrong, leaving the project owner unsure how to proceed. The future of the project rested on the accuracy of the new as-built to...
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SOLV3D update adds volume measurements and image adjustments

31 Mar - 17:41 SAST
3D processing, geospatial data visualisation and collaboration solutions provider, SOLV3D, has announce the availability of version of its Encompass software and version 3.0.2 of its Engine software.
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Virtual Surveyor drone software automatically identifies dangerous slope angles

31 Mar - 16:11 SAST
Virtual Surveyor has introduced a new feature in Version 7.2 of its drone surveying software that automatically highlights terrain slopes that exceed dangerous (user-specified) steepness thresholds.
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Pix4D introduces its next generation of photogrammetry tools

31 Mar - 12:40 SAST
Pix4D’s commercial release of its next-generation software includes Pix4Dsurvey, Pix4Dmatic, Pix4Dinspect, and Pix4Dscan. The company is also introducing the new Pix4D Training platform.
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IDS GeoRadar and Worldsensing launch a mining monitoring package

26 Mar - 16:11 SAST
Worldsensing and IDS GeoRadar, a Hexagon company, have cooperated to launch a comprehensive mine safety monitoring system. The integrated system will offer surface, sub-surface and geospatial monitoring in a single package, simplifying contracting and...
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Beta iOS app connects UgCS desktop software to DJI drones

25 Mar - 17:28 SAST
SPH Engineering, the developer of UgCS, has released the iOS version of the UgCS for DJI middleware, required to connect DJI drones with UgCS desktop. DJI is a closed system that does not allow...
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Parrot and DroneLogbook partner to simplify drone data logging

25 Mar - 16:01 SAST
Parrot announced the addition of enhanced flight data tracking to its Anafi drone through a partnership with DroneLogbook, which will allow pilots to keep track of their equipment’s performance, schedule necessary maintenance, as well...
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Parrot and Survae pair enterprise drone imagery with interactive mapping

5 Mar - 18:41 SAST
Drone company Parrot has partnered with software firm Survae to combine its Anafi and Anafi Thermal drones with Survae’s video and image processing software.
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Gexcel Reconstructor 4.2 advances processing of mobile mapping data

27 Feb - 18:05 SAST
Gexcel’s new release of Reconstructor introduces improvements for mining, tunnelling, construction, and infrastructure applications with new workflows designed to guide customers to final deliverables from the surveying data.
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Tableau 2020.1 offers dynamic parameters, viz–animations and admin tools

26 Feb - 11:02 SAST
Tableau 2020.1 adds new features such as Dynamic Parameters and viz animations, and increases flexibility for administrators with Login-Based License Management, and improvements to the Data Management Add-on and Server Management Add-on.
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1Spatial’s new mobile data collection platform and 1Integrate v2.6 release

24 Feb - 17:12 SAST
1Spatial, a geospatial software and solutions company, has released 1Integrate v2.6. The company also announced its new Location Mobile App Platform (LMAP), which enables spatial data collection in the field.
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Measure Ground Control drone software is now powered by Pix4D

23 Feb - 18:36 SAST
Measure’s latest iteration of its drone software platform, Measure Ground Control, adds data processing and mapping tools powered by Pix4D to its existing suite of management capabilities and flight application.
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Blue Marble Geographics releases Global Mapper 21.1 with lidar module

19 Feb - 07:11 SAST
Blue Marble Geographics has released version 21.1 of its GIS software, Global Mapper, and advanced point cloud processing add-on, the Lidar Module.
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Cadcorp ads Power BI integration and optimises user experience

13 Feb - 16:48 SAST
Cadcorp SIS 9 incorporates several bug fixes, software updates and performance enhancements to Cadcorp SIS Desktop and Cadcorp SIS WebMap.
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Trimble divests majority of Mining Information Systems to Herga Group

11 Feb - 22:00 SAST
Information from Trimble Trimble has sold its majority ownership of Mining Information Systems (MIS) to Herga Group, headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. The Herga Group has been a Trimble dealer for...
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Drone2Map for ArcGIS 2.1 improves elevation models

11 Feb - 11:15 SAST
The latest release of Esri’s drone mapping software, Drone2Map for ArcGIS 2.1, is now available and includes new tools, workflows, and capabilities. Highlights of the update include elevation model improvements, camera model updates, new...
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Oracle Graph Server and Client 20.1 is now available

4 Feb - 18:00 SAST
Information from Oracle Oracle Graph Server and Client 20.1, which includes property graph features for Oracle Database, is now available for download. The software package works with Oracle Database, and...
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Three insights from The State of Spatial Data Science 2020 report

29 Jan - 17:47 SAST
In order to understand the trends and shifts for Spatial Data Science across these industries, Carto has invited thought leaders from enterprise organisations across the globe to participate in the State of Spatial Data...
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Hexagon’s M.App X 2020 delivers 3D display modes and accelerates visualisation

28 Jan - 17:41 SAST
The creators of Hexagon Geospatial’s M.App X software adopted the term “shoebox” for the digital area in which users organise their imagery to pay homage to this dated, yet creative, means of storing film...
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senseFly’s eMotion adds multispectral PPK for precision agriculture

27 Jan - 17:06 SAST
The latest update of senseFly’s eMotion flight planning software adds multispectral PPK functionality and an updated user interface.
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Hexagon Mining acquires Blast Movement Technology

8 Jan - 19:25 SAST
Hexagon Mining, a sensor, software and autonomous solutions company, has acquired Blast Movement Technology (BMT), which specialises in blast movement monitoring and analysis for open pit mines.
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Trimble extends GNSS reach of LTI laser rangefinders for GIS mobile workers

11 Dec - 15:42 SAST
Trimble’s TerraFlex field software now supports remote feature capture with Laser Technology Inc (LTI) TruPulse 200 series and 360° series laser rangefinders.
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