spatial data science

Report: The State of Spatial Data Science in Enterprise 2020

20 Jul - 22:31 SAST
Carto invited hundreds of leaders from enterprise organisations globally to participate in the State of Spatial Data Science in Enterprise 2020 Survey to gain new insights on the status quo and what to expect...
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Carto’s BigQuery Tiler simplifies map tilesets for Google BigQuery to drive cloud native spatial infrastructure

11 Feb - 21:20 SAST
Carto BigQuery Tiler for visualising large spatial datasets lets users generate and serve tilesets directly on their data warehouse, making BigQuery an effective spatial data mapping platform.
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Paper: Bayesian statistics and modelling

3 Feb - 17:49 SAST
This paper describes the stages involved in Bayesian analysis, from specifying the prior and data models to deriving inference, model checking and refinement.
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The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 2: Spatial Measurements and Statistics

28 Jan - 22:02 SAST
Building on Volume 1, the latest book demonstrates how spatial statistical tools can be applied in a range of disciplines.
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African Statistics Day 2020 focuses on statistics and data in building a peaceful Africa

25 Nov - 13:29 SAST
Statistics can be used to create the conditions that are conductive to Africa’s development.
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