Trimble enhances its RTX correction service performance, reducing GNSS signal convergence times

22 Jul - 11:08 SAST
Trimble announced enhancements to its RTX correction services, including convergence time reductions, more reliable and robust signals, and an easier workflow for surveyors.
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Access high-performance computing in the field with Trimble’s T100 rugged tablet

13 Apr - 20:09 SAST
The rugged tablet supports a full suite of applications for optical, GNSS, and laser scanning solutions, including the Trimble SX12 and X7.
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Trimble and Esri collaborate to bring location-based products and services to the global forestry market

2 Feb - 17:26 SAST
In a new collaborating Esri is integrating its Geospatial Cloud platform into Trimble's Connected Forest solutions to provide visibility and traceability for the forest industry.
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GIS mapping project sets out to provide Uganda with data for water infrastructure improvements

2 Dec - 13:03 SAST
For the Uganda water system project, high accuracy GIS solutions will support the inventory of about 120 water installations, and ultimately a master plan to address the limited water capacity in Uganda.
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Trimble TCU5 onboard controller automates S Series total station workflow

24 Sep - 17:55 SAST
Trimble’s new TCU5 onboard controller completes the company’s S Series (S5, S7, S9 and S9HP) total stations workflow by enabling automatic tracking-and-focusing of instrument.
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Trimble R12i GNSS receiver incorporates tilt compensation

1 Sep - 12:33 SAST
Trimble’s R12i GNSS receiver incorporates IMU-based tilt compensation using TIP technology, enabling measurements with a titled survey rod.
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ProStar joins Trimble’s GIS business partner programme to benefit utility mapping

8 Jul - 12:12 SAST
ProStar provides field crews with a mobile data collection solution designed to capture, record and provide real-time visualisation of the precise locations of subsurface infrastructure, while using a centralised database to store and share...
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Trimble ManhattanOne cloud software provides greater control of real estate portfolios and financials

13 May - 20:26 SAST
Trimble introduced its next-generation integrated workplace management system (IWMS) with the launch of ManhattanOne software suite. Built for the cloud, it centralises real estate functions and data analyses for real estate performance, decision-making and...
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Latest Trimble Access gives surveyors an Android OS option

7 May - 17:29 SAST
Trimble’s Access 2020 field software is now available on the Trimble TDC600 rugged mobile device powered by Android. This combination offers surveyors the ability to use their familiar workflows and survey instruments while using...
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Trimble introduces Android-based paving control software for asphalt pavers

30 Apr - 19:14 SAST
Trimble’s Roadworks 2D Paving Control Platform for asphalt pavers, an automatic screed control system, can improve the accuracy and productivity in applications of asphalt paving. The software runs on the Android operating system.
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Trimble Business Center v5.30 features new CAD Command Line and other enhancements

27 Apr - 18:53 SAST
Trimble Business Center v5.30 was released this week featuring a new CAD Command Line, point feature extraction enhancements, new surface tools and updated road and tunnel workflows.
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Trimble’s Tekla 2020 BIM software enables real-time project collaboration

11 Mar - 07:51 SAST
Trimble has introduced the latest versions of its Tekla software solutions for advanced building information modelling, structural engineering and steel fabrication management.
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Trimble Earthworks adds horizontal steering control, AR and training app

10 Mar - 08:05 SAST
Trimble’s Earthworks Grade Control Platform version 2.0 comes with new features for all machine types, along with the release of the Trimble Earthworks Assistant App for in-cab learning material.
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Trimble divests majority of Mining Information Systems to Herga Group

11 Feb - 22:00 SAST
Information from Trimble Trimble has sold its majority ownership of Mining Information Systems (MIS) to Herga Group, headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. The Herga Group has been a Trimble dealer for...
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Trimble extends GNSS reach of LTI laser rangefinders for GIS mobile workers

11 Dec - 15:42 SAST
Trimble’s TerraFlex field software now supports remote feature capture with Laser Technology Inc (LTI) TruPulse 200 series and 360° series laser rangefinders.
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